He has absolute confidence,Can stronger,As long as he dares to ventilation,A knife。

“Bamboo”Knife is white,Eight-party。
Right is essential to avoid,Can only lift the sword。
It is really unable to describe how much this knife is。
Sword,First make a metal strike,Continue to burst Mars,Tight……The sword in the sword is cut off.。
The first half of the sword is eradicated.。
And the shake is also holding the http://www.lvgenhai.cn sword.,The second half of the sword is off。
The last thorough。
The snake knife of the sword is still worn in the fierce power.,斩 光 的 肩。
NS2878chapter Trip
Surrounded by。
Bright as white。
Under lighting,on the grass。
Summer knife broke the sword of the light,Another jealousy on his right shoulder arm。
Everything happens too fast。
When the rush is flying out of the woods。
When the summer is followed,Broken sword,斩,The security guard of Habsburg reacted。
They just want all the actions,However, at this time,Grove。
I saw the summer with the two people in the summer.,A large crack is spread toward all sides.。
This is the power of the two people,Unloading。
Snake knife on the rushing arm,But but can’t。
Summer did not feel unexpected。
At the beginning, http://www.zsocms.cn the rush used this fake arm to count him once in the battle.。
But I have to recognize,This is called a fake arm for too hard。
Snake knife sharpened,It can only leave dents on it.,Effectiveness。
Summer cold drink,A long hacking,Endless source,Like a rolling big wave is generally ago。
At the same time, there is a mysterious energy。
Under his blessings,The snake knife seems to be a big mountain.,Constantly stretch。