This moment,Liu Weixiang, who broke out in the eyes of Liu Dafu, was also cold sweat。

Because he suddenly remembered that Liu Dafu said before he was drinking.。
Make your own wife to someone who is old by other men,Then there is more experience in this person.。
“Hey-hey,Liu factory long,You really have you.,I really have no idea.,Just Ma Xiaoliang mastered our handle,I am going to do a good job of financial statements.,It’s enough to hand over to him, don’t pick out our problems.。”
Those words before Sun Cannon,Liu Dafu is now using it.。
“I don’t care if you are, it is true.,I just need you to know,If you want to expose it, I will expose it.,Don’t drag us。”
“And you have to know,Really exposed,I am anyway.,You have a wife and children.,I have given the things that we will do before.,Just throw out a wife to see your wife.,Then you are also a wife 子。”
“For such consequences,You still think about it.!”
Finish,Liu Dafu is not to ignore Liu Weixiang。
Because he feels enough to do it.,If you continue,It can be fond of it.。
And in fact, as Liu Dafu is expected.。
Liu Weixiang, just now, even wanted to kill the impulse。
Fortunately, Liu Dafu turned and went.,Let his short impulsive calm down。
despite this,He is still afraid。
After all, he doesn’t want his wife to scatter.。
Now he even regrets that I promised Liu Dafu to play together.。
Go to play this thing,There is a second time for the first time.,The more even the number of times,The larger the courage。
For example, the warm welcome of the collaps。
Another example, those sweet words,The different sings of the sound song came.。
It is the reason for Liu Weixiang intoxicated.。
Back to your office, he is starting to start financial statements。
And Liu Dafu is directly to the workshop to find a grandchille.。
Sun cannon saw Liu Dafu’s four-way steps,I know that Liu Dafu has already solved it.。
“Liu factory long,You can be fast enough.,It’s so fast to pack Liu Weixiang’s kid.?”
“Humph,Is it also cleaned??
Just a few words, the kid is old.,However, the kid tells me that your kid is not less dry.,And there is two hearts to me。”
Sun Cannon listened to this,Directly in your heart。
But in any case, Liu Dafu is also the deputy factory manager.,Not he can now enhance。
Now it’s laughing:“Liu factory long,You can marry me.,He is 100%, you can’t see it.,So will pick up the room。”
“so,I will go to the county tonight tonight.,Don’t bring that boy,Look at how tomorrow is the kid?
How about it?”
I listen to someone,Liu Dafu is also happy.。
“it is good,very good,I like you so much.,You please tonight tonight,I will ask me.!”