Chapter nine hundred and thirty four Irresistible temptation
Could the God Realm be destroyed in an instant?Otherwise, how to explain that so many great supernatural powers have been stripped of their divinity and sealed here?But even an existence as strong as a black hole that swallows the energy of the heavens cannot destroy the God Realm in an instant,The http://www.treterc.cn power of Li Xiucheng’s http://www.jzjxbb.cn divinity is fully displayed on the edge of the black hole,This shows the power of God Realm,So what is the earth-shattering event?,Caught everyone off guard?
Li Tianzhen can’t figure it out,It’s better to ask Dayan bluntly,“Taoist friends are the guardians of the mountain here,You should know how each square box and nameplate came from here.?”
“That is natural,The origin of this matter,I will naturally tell the daoists,But the old also has a ruthless please。”
“Fellow Daoists, but it’s OK。”
“See there?”Dayan reached out and pointed to the far right side of the wall,Li Tianchou looked around,Can’t help but froze,There are actually two boxes with no writing on the nameplates?
“What is this?”
“I do not know either。But then I checked the records of all the strong in the gods,The divinity of the two main gods is indeed missing,One is the third generation of God of War,You are fellow Taoist,Another one?,Is the goddess of Luoying Tiangong。”
Li Tianzhen was shocked again,He just glanced at the nameplate on the wall,Less than one or two have seen,But forgot to find Li Xiucheng,I never thought that the nameplate of Luoying Goddess was also empty,Involuntarily confused,I don’t know if it is happiness or worry。
“The lack of divinity of the two has its own reasons,I am a mountain guard,Not too ignorant,But please reach out and touch the two boxes with no words on the nameplate,And use spiritual sense,No other requirements。”
“What is the purpose of fellow Taoists?”Li Tianzhen frowned,The old man worked tirelessly all the way to lead him to this place,And deliberately revealed such a big secret,What http://www.51lvgu.cn is the purpose of this request?What kind of evil heart is hidden?
Li Tianzhen did not understand this sudden holy mountain temple,I don’t know what secrets and traps this square box and nameplate contain,But it can actually sense the powerful presence and familiar breath in every square box,It’s divine,Once the old man’s requirements are released,,Unpredictable consequences,Then it’s too late to regret。
“Can Taoists change their requirements?”