China Normal University,Feel instantly,I want to die anytime。

“know,I know,senior。”
Anyone who is a master,Must be called senior。
now,This Huashiyuan calls Lin Yu a senior,Natural is normal。
“Just know。”
“and also,If you dare to divulge half,The word of my cultivation and identity,Then,I can also know the first time。”
“Hope you,Cherish your life。”
“unless,You can become a strong person at my level。”
Lin Yu finished,And disappeared in this person’s mind。
And the attacking Huashiyuan,Half attack,suddenly,A squirt of blood from the mouth。
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Four China Normal University lost
Subsequently,Appeared,A scene that nobody thought of。
That is,China Normal University,Suddenly fell to the ground。
“This,This is a situation where power is swallowed。”