Although the veteran Meng Yu still showed his peerless strength,But in Li Chenfeng’s eyes, he saw an opportunity!

Seeing that it is impossible to break the city this time,Li Chenfeng did not hesitate to call for gold to retreat。
After Mei Sanniang, who had been forced to retreat to the edge of the city wall, heard the Mingjin of the main formation,Give a cold voice to Meng Yu,“Old stuff,This girl must behead your dog next time!”
Words fall,Turned and jumped off the wall,Then led Wei Jun and started to retreat slowly。
The Meng Yu on the city wall was blown up and stared,It’s true that the little girl just now has amazing fighting power,Even this mouth is very poisonous。
I’m so old,One more bite“Old dog”Scolded,It’s vulgar to the extreme!
Even this kind of yellow-haired girl dare to caress the tiger and tiger’s whiskers,Next time I will let the old man meet you and I can’t shoot you directly.!
of course,Get angry,Curse,But at this time, both of them are equally heavy。The previous battle allowed them to find out the details of each other,But it is so,So I know better。
Meng Yu is old after all,Can’t be compared to a warrior who specializes in the flesh,Although it can prevail for a while,But after a hundred tricks,Meng Yu’s physical strength will not keep up,Then maybe a little girl will really have his head chopped off。
But can Mei Sanniang be able to support the other party’s physical strength in the city??
Judging from this first match,Can’t!
Thought of here,Sanniang Mei also clenched her teeth secretly,Very angry。
Li Chenfeng didn’t know Mei Sanniang’s unwillingness at this time,Having already returned to the camp, he was calling out Xuanjian and Jingyu, what to order。
“The next three days,I will do my best to launch a general attack on Emperor Qiu City,Try to attract all their eyes,You have to take this time to find a chance to enter the city,Then assassinate the Qin general,Especially the Qin general Meng Yu!”
Li Chenfeng’s purpose is very simple,Since it’s hard for me to break you from outside,It’s better to start from the inside。
I saw Mei Sanniang and Meng Yu before,Let him find that Meng Yu is as strong as he expected.。
Although as the chief general of the Qin army,He must be well guarded,And there are tens of thousands of Qin army guards in the city,But as long as you attack recklessly here,Then Xuanjian and the others can always find a chance to assassinate。
As long as they succeed,Then take advantage of the Qin Army’s unrest,Inside and outside,The chance of winning Emperor Qiucheng is more than 70%!