“Do not,Use your Fei brother’s sign as you like,Can’t do it yet?Are you worthy of this meal?”

“That’s all the preliminary work,well done,A new product launch conference for Hua will be held soon,Sister-in-law gave you a Huawei’s latest brain phone。”Lu Yuxin nodded and said。
“Hehe,Why are you so embarrassed?……”
“forget about it,Invite you to dinner,Come on!”
“Would you push Lu Jia too hard?GPAachieve3.7It’s not easy。”
next door,In the corner of Weiming Lake,Wang Yufei, who stole his life for half a day, leaned under the tree by the lake and chatted with Lu Yuxin。
Weiming Lake is big enough after all,Not like Tsinghua Pool is too small,People are very crowded and will be recognized if you are not careful,Then sign。
What do you say about Jingda’s temperament?,Not as serious and rigid as Huaqing,Have a more cheerful and lively atmosphere。
of course,In the mouth of Huaqing students,Beijing University is a typical three-no university,No school motto、No school song or school flower……
“To paraphrase a sentence commonly said by everyone in Huaqing,If even the courses of this major are not excellent,There is no time to do anything else?And since our goal is to use technology to select talents,Of course you have to choose the best group。The club was established,There will be stricter regulations。For example,Those who have made up their minds to go abroad for further studies after graduation,Can be eliminated directly。”
“And you can’t be the shopkeeper。You have to think about the research topics after the establishment of the association,Better think of a few more,Establish various interest groups in the club,It’s best to form a virtuous competitive atmosphere between departments in the workplace。And say in advance,Societies can fund research,After the results,Can be bought out by Changxiang Technology first。”
Wang Yufei nodded,Looking at the serious girl a little lost。
“thank you!”
“I just put forward an idea,You are more concerned than me!”