“I must tell you clearly,Your answer now,Will directly affect the life and death of your young master。If you hide the condition,Caused me to take the wrong medicine,This consequence,Can you afford it?I must understand his physical condition,To treat the symptoms。”

sound,Like that。
but,Now people have the courage,I was not scared by Sang Qingrou’s words。
“Master affairs,We are minions,No right to intervene。If Miss Sang really wants to know,I’m afraid I can only wait for my son to wake up,Asked him personally。”
Sang Qing is soft and short of breath,Life matters,They even conceal their condition。
“Do you think I am willing to save your young master??I wish he was dead,Lest you live to harm the good girl。”
“what happened?”Heard the dispute,Ouyang Shuo came in quickly,The entourage knelt down immediately。
“His Royal Highness Chen Wang,Miss Sang can’t seem to see what’s wrong with my son,Have to ask the minion,Did you have other diseases before?。My son is healthy,This is what everyone knows,The minion dare not lie。”
“You talk nonsense!Your young master is obviously sick。”
Just at this time,A weird voice came from outside the house,Sang Qing looked softly,I saw a tall and thin man walk in。He is very well dressed,With a goatee,A pair of slender eyes narrowed into a line,There was a ray of light from the cracks,Shot directly on Sang Qingrou。
“This is the second lady of the Sang family?Hear,You inherited the Liu family’s peerless medical skills,Young,But with a bodhisattva heart。With a bodhisattva heart,Before speaking,Shouldn’t it be clear。Never make up facts at will!The child has always been in good health,Why are there old diseases??”
Sang Qingrou looked at Li Huan,People who mess around in officialdom,Not simple。
It seems,He regards himself as Sang Xiaoxi。