He feels that if you don’t use iron?,He will be a lot of effect.,After all, he can shoot without traces.。

“Row,Trouble and Zheng brothers help me stare at Chu Qiang,If he is discharged to the mind, you must notify me.,I doubt the secret that he knows is more than Hu Xiaotian.,After all, Hu 4 is dead.,Many things are equal to taking off in advance.,But some things I don’t feel so much.,Can’t let the dead people are so white。”
“it is good,I will stare at you this matter.,However, this time you can don’t participate in this matter.,http://www.dealex.cnDing’s head seems to have been investigated.,The reason is to suspect that he moved his hands and feet.。”
Li Hui Feng did not expect this to have been tired of Ding Road.,He originally thought that Ding Road will succeed because of this,It is a relatively fair public office in his eyes.。
And still big public is selfless。
“Brothers,You pay attention to these things first,If Ding Dado does not cancel the suspect,I will go back to help.。”
Do you have any way to let the suspect?”
Zheng Tiancheng did not expect that Li Hui Feng at this time still has a way.。
“nothing now,So I want to think about it.。”
After hung up the phone with Zheng Tiancheng,Li Hui’s mood is a bit complex。
He feels this thing because he has changed the fate of many people.,Is it right or wrong?,He is not allowed。
at the same time,Ding Road is also depressed,He has already guess that iron is very likely to be a person who is mentally healthy.,But I didn’t expect him to guess.,Surplus directly。
Looking at the old leaders in front of you,Ding Road doesn’t know what to say,After all, it has a close relationship with him.。
If he arranges a man in advance, he will take the Huandian to the iron.,The two can’t commit suicide at all。
Especially the iron,I actually bite my fingers, I have no sound.。
You must know that ten fingers,That kind of pain can imagine。
“Ding Road,You are picking up.,You can be promoted by this thing.,look at you,Hey!”
Just when Ding Road is ready to admit,The following people have suddenly become。
“Report,We have a major discovery in the hospital iron ward.。”
Ding Road heard this discovery,And the old leadership is very serious asking:“What major discovery?”
“We found a diary。http://www.manfully.cn
Said that I put the diary on the table.。
The old leader opened the diary directly.。
for a long time,The old leader’s hand began to tremble.,When he turned to the last few pages,The whole person is full of gas.。
Ding Road is also some unclear。
When he saw the content of the diary,The heart is also happy。
He never thought that the people of Tie Yingchun will be treated,Don’t see people,Random abuse,Even when the iron welcoming the spring is directly handled,A rural girl is the heart and can’t stand this kind of thing.。
Now this moment,Ding Road suddenly understands the practice of iron.。
He feels that it is,I am afraid I have to do it.。
On the same day, because the diary’s thing, I opened a very urgent meeting.。
For Di Road is also a merger,But good is to prove http://www.bomexsolar.cnthe innocent of Ding Road with your diary.。
Another thing is to be hosted,Whether it is wounded,Still in the escape suspect,All accountable。
Especially in escape。
This thing Zheng Tiancheng is also very fast, and Li speaks with the wind.,Li Hui Feng listened to Chang Shu Yisheng。