“The waiters here are so no quality,Doesn’t there?,Didn’t see that I am talking about Miss Miss?

Which onion is?”
Summer does not cover your voice。
on the contrary,Most people in the http://www.1iangzhi.cn field although their whispered,It can always pay attention to this side。
After hearing his words,Almost everyone is full。
Turn it back。
All look at the summer with a strange look。
Everyone’s face is not the same。
And someone is revealing the expression of a happy trouble,There are also a few people,Sneak over the summer, thumbs up。
Although they are obsessed with good songs,Even in her one smile,It is also a fantasy to be a pro.。
But they know very clearly,This is impossible。
But people who pay attention to the good sound know,The summer family is so young in the summer is crazy to pursue good sounds.。
It’s just that the good sound has never promised.。
So these people dare to open some no-harmful jokes。
If you let them really pursue good sound,They may not dare to pay。
I don’t say that they are afraid of the summer.,But the two summer home where the other party is located,They can’t afford it。
Second summer home,There is also a big summer home behind behind。
That is the real hegemony of this city.。
So after listening to the summer,Everyone will be this expression。
At this time,Summer voice came,Dark scorpion stares with the waiter。
“What is it?,Didn’t you hear my words?,Go back to tell that second less,Miss Shan, did not promise to be his girlfriend,Everyone else has a chance。”
Male waiter has changed color,Irritated in http://www.etprj.cn my eyes,Also look at the kindness,But see her look at the summer.,Remain indifferent。
Anger,The waiter squeezed a grunge smile,“I will communicate your words to Xia Jia.。”
After the end,Turn away。
Looking at his back,Summer laughing,Directly see the good sound,“If I guess a good thing,Your surface is the snorkelers in this bar.,But actually,You are the real controller of this bar,If not,It is difficult to operate to today’s situation,pity,The waiters here don’t know what you really identifies.。”
The good voice of the positive body is again stiff.。
These years,She uses her own abilities,Almost no。