He believes what the Hattori says,Although this knife is not so exaggerated to say that cutting iron is like mud,But as long as the strength and skills are in place,It is absolutely no difficulty to cut some steel and stones off。

“Minister Hu,Can you send someone to help us find some hard rocks and metal?We can show you how hard and perfect the sword made by our Rising Sun Empire is!”
Tokugawa Nagasaki smiled at Hu Fan,There was a clear sense of superiority on his face。
Hu Fan saw him say that,Didn’t refuse,The guard rushing to the side winked,Shen Sheng said:“go with,Bring someone to find some hard rocks and metal!”
The guard nodded immediately,Then a few people from the nearest squadron were called,Go with him。
Hu Fan said in a deep voice,“Hard rock and metal,Otherwise it will not reflect the sharpness of the Toyo sword!”
He specifically emphasized“hard”Two words,There is a hint of sarcasm in the tone。
The guard nodded while waiting,Immediately turned and ran towards the barn in the distance。
Not long after,The guard and others drove back in a small military truck,I saw that the body of the car behind was full of debris such as rocks and iron plates。
Then the guards and others jumped out of the car,A slightly provocative glance at the Hattori,Obviously have confidence in the stone and steel chosen by me,Then I removed the rocks and iron plates from the car。
The stones they brought are not big,They are basically stone piers that were used as roadblocks in training before,But these stone piers are average in size,But every piece is very heavy,It takes two soldiers to move down。