Jiang Fan smiled,He knows that Fan Wenliang speaks strictly,Also know that there is a driver,Just say:“I’ll report to you, can I miss you??”

“Haha,This can have。”
Jiang Fan laughed too,It seems that Fan Wenliang is in a good mood。
Ding Yi changed clothes and came out,Asked:“Can’t call back?”
“Yes,I definitely can’t call back,Is your trip to Beijing very pleasant today??”Jiang Fan asked。
Ding Yi said:“It started like this,But soon after I got there,We saw someone,I found that Minister Fan’s mood is not as excited as when he came,Activity is not over,We came back early。”
“Oh?Who do you see?”Jiang Fan asked。
Ding Yi said:“This person you know,Dang Wei。”
Jiang Fan blinked,Asked:“He also likes teeny lowercase?”
Ding Yi said:“Did not find,But he and the old chief seem very familiar。”
Jiang Fan asked again:“Does he know Minister Fan??”
“do not know,The old chief introduced them to them。”
“Tell me in detail?”Because it involves Dang Wei,Jiang Fan is extra careless。
then,Ding Yi told Jiang Fan about the ins and outs。
original,After Ding Yi and Fan Wenliang arrived at their destination,I saw the old leader who retreated from the Central Committee,When Fan Wenliang introduced Ding Yi to the old chief and told the old chief that this was the person who copied the famous works of ancient literature,The old chief said in surprise:“Such a young girl,When you first came in,I thought it was your daughter?I have seen the book you copied,It’s amazing!”
Next,The old chief asked about the history of Ding Yi writing teeny lower letters,Ding Yidu answered truthfully。The old chief admires Ding Yi’s father’s cultivation of Ding Yi,He said:“Only abandon impetuousness,In order to inherit this art form,You can write teeny lower letters so well at such a young age。”
Fan Wenliang said next to him:“Old chief,You are so right,When i knew her,She just came out of school,I saw her work at that time,Already very mature,I haven’t seen any progress in recent years,In addition to this kind of calligraphy situation, it will look like the old one。”
The old chief said:“Wenliang, you are right,This is why many people don’t learn it,I just said,Only those who reject impetuous and utilitarian thinking,It is possible to pass down this form of calligraphy,Inherit,It is impossible for those who want to exchange money for art to learn to write this small character。”
at this time,Fan Wenliang is still very interested,He has been discussing the problems in the field of calligraphy with the old chief。
but,When a person walks in,Fan Wenliang has become less interested,Even a little deep。