[How to eat cumin]_Cumin_How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat cumin]_Cumin_How to eat_How to eat

Cumin actually has very good edible and medicinal value, and cumin can have a lot of dietary matching methods, such as fennel catfish soup, or fennel egg cake, and direct vegetarian stir-fried fennel, are more convenient eating methods,Cumin pork stew with fennel can also be very good at alleviating many problems of debilitating low back pain.

First, the fennel and anchovy soup simmers the fennel. About two or three fennel will form a scallion. After the water is boiled, add the aniseed fennel first, then add the anchovies and add salt.

Second, cut the fennel into fennel egg cakes, add an appropriate amount of salt, beat the eggs into a bowl filled with fennel, mix thoroughly to make a paste, put more oil in the pot, and heat the oil evenly according to the pancake method.

Third, fennel frying is the same as frying ordinary vegetables. Our method in Yunnan is: put a few small pieces of dried peppers after the oil is hot (to increase the aroma, it can be left untouched). After the peppers have slightly changed color, add fennel, stir fry, and add salt.(Not too much salt, fennel does not absorb salt).

Four, a pair of fennel stewed pork loin, a pair of pork loin, cut in the middle, peel off the white fascia in the middle, replace 10 grams of cumin and a small amount of seasoning salt in the pork loin, then close the cut of the pork loin, put in the bowl and addPlace a moderate amount of water in a pot and steam it for eating.

It has the functions of warming kidney and strengthening waist, regulating stomach qi, dispersing cold and analgesic.

It is suitable for kidney back pain, lumbar muscle strain, and cold back pain for the elderly.

Note: Use with caution for those who are yin deficiency and fire.