Exactly,Mom has also paid a lot of family these years.。

She strictly education,Achieved now。
And him,Time to accompany your mother is really very little。
Han Yuxuan went to the shopping mall near the mother to visit a circle,I bought a lot of gifts to Iyuya.。
All the way,He didn’t ask his mother and Dad.。Encounter things,He never easily publishes its own suggestion。
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Unable to suffer from others,Do not advise others to be good。
Change yourself,Others have not experienced their own pain,It is recommended to ask him how?,Obviously push the person to the more painful edge。
Nine o’clock,Han Yuxuan sent her mother home,http://www.jiangxilucha.cnDownstairs,She didn’t get off the bus,Instead, I am watching my mother sitting in the officer.。
“Mom,I hope you will be happy than I will later.,Only mothers are happy,I can live happier。”This is his truth。
Dad is just sending WeChat telling him,Things have been solved。
The specific process he did not ask。
Things are actually so easy to solve,And his thoughts in his heart。
Yi Yu Yu smiled:“It seems that your father will call you again.。”
Han Yu Xuan slightly shakes his head:“In fact, my father is stupid.。”
Yi Yu Yu nodded,She very much agree with the son’s statement。
“Right,Your father is stupid,Daughter for more than a decade for someone else,Also almost hurt you is also calculated。”Iyui is not not knowing those things,Just the son is very powerful,Good luck is also better。
Her emotions have a little low,But than a few days ago,Already a lot。
Li Shan’s design,Han Jin’s passive handling method,In fact, she wants to re-examine this love.。
“Yuxuan,Your brother is faster.,I am really divorced if I am Dad.,Will also be after your brother college entrance examination。”
Han Yu Xuan Mini,Looking at the calm of my mother’s eyes,He is a lot of enthusiasm:“Mom,No matter what you make, I support you.。http://www.jlzhjbj.cn
His indifferent look is simply gentle.。
Yi Yu Yu smiled,Gently patted his son’s shoulder:“Go to Miss Lu,Her girl go home in a night,Mom goes back to rest。”
Han Yuxuan got off,When my mother puts something to the door,Only turned to drive to pick Blue Qiqi。
The rain in the evening gradually became bigger.,A dark small alley。
Two ghost sneaky figure standing in the corner,Low head with a hat,The sound is also very low。
“If you think about it?,Tonight,Our people have followed him,Track him for several days。”
“Do it!”Another woman’s figure is extremely cold。
“Huh……”Another young woman laughs,“I have already wanted to do it.,Just you have been hesitating,You don’t know how many things care about Han Yuxuan,I can’t wait to die now.。”
“Don’t you agree with you now??But be careful,Don’t be http://www.dplus3c.cncaught the handle。”
Just two are dead.,Women smile coldly,In the rainy night,Special horror。
Blue Qiqi’s investment company has a meeting,She has to pass。