Lingju did not expect,Jingpu will be the first to say hello to myself,So polite,Come this way,Ling Tiannan and Di Chen are nervous,Said many things about Jingpu。

Lingju also knows,The man in front of you,Is a great fairy。
But so no shelf,Say hello first,Let Lingju feel a little at a loss,After recovering,Lingju also bowed his head slightly,Lean:
“Came to see seniors rashly today,Really bother,Is it Lingju?。”
Lingju is not as angry as before,But no matter what,Things are still to be done!
Immediately,Lingju looked up at Jingpu,Ready to speak。
But Jingpu suddenly looked at the two Di Chen and Ling Tiannan standing behind Lingju。
These two people were very scared along the way,For Ling Tiannan and Di Chen,Neither of these two。
Jingpu saw Di Chen,I suddenly remembered something,When even suddenly curious:
“Elder Di, have you decided what to paint??”
If I didn’t see Di Chen today,Jingpu really almost forgot about painting,The main thing is that they were tossed by Lingjing and Liechun these days。
Seeing Jingpu suddenly asked about this,This Di Chen wanted to cry with a touch of emotion,senior……Senpai is so nice,Ask about it as soon as I come。
These days Di Chen has always wanted to come to ask for painting,only,There are two people digging pits every day in Jingpu.,I also said before adding Jingpu,Something happened these days,Not used for now,So Di Chen kept holding back。
So many days have passed,Di Chen worries about whether Seniors might forget this,But now take a look,Senior not only did not forget,I still remember it。
Immediately Di Chen looked at Jingpu Lianlian Road:
“senior,I have already thought about it。”
Jingpu is a bit speechless,Why do these people like to call themselves senior?。