Wang Youcai listened,Then I understand why Dad is upset。He laughed and said:“Staying in the mountains makes people silly,If it wasn’t for mom to say that August 15th is past,I do not even know。I only know what the Gregorian calendar is”

“Humph!you forgot,He forgot,I forgot to ask。Just me and your mother remember this”Wang Degui said,Angry again。
Wang Youcai was taken aback,Suddenly understood。Dad is not looking for his problem,But want everyone to come home,Have a happy festival,This may be the wish of the elderly。
Just when Wang Youcai was thinking about this question,With the sound of footsteps,Song Fang and eldest brother Wang Youfa walked in one after another。Song Fang saw Wang Youcai,He smiled and asked:“just came back?”
“Oh!You are all off work?”Wang Youcai also politely replied。He suddenly found,Song Fang’s attitude towards him has changed a lot。
Wang Youfa’s eyes stared,Chong Wang Youcai said:“Boss Wang!Your eldest brother will be the boss soon,You have to call my boss then”
First1974chapter Men are jealous too
Wang Youcai saw that Wang Youfa took the initiative to say hello to him,He couldn’t help but feel happy,Quickly said with a smile:“There is no problem at all,What do you call the boss?Brother did a good job,If a group company is established,I have to call you Wang Dong?”
“This is not impossible!”Wang Youfa said this in a provocative tone。But once he finishes,Ran out and took a basin of water and brought in,Placed at Song Fang’s feet。
Song Fang did not speak,But bend down,Started washing hands。A look at this situation,Wang Youcai’s heart is really unspeakable。Anyway,Wang Youfa is his elder brother,There is no saying,Blood is thicker than water。
They are blood brothers,Brother is doing well,Family can be happy,Wang Youcai is home,To feel at home。
Song Fang washed his hands and went back to the kitchen to help,Wang Youfa poured the water in the basin,Then sit on the edge of the big kang,*Asked:“Why are you back today?”
“ Something happened to our group’s investment project in Donglin Township,Mr. Hu asked me to rush over to help,I will come home by the way”Wang Youcai said seriously。What he said is all true。
Wang Youfa listened,Hehe smiled and said:“I thought you came here to see your parents,It turned out to be a rabbit,Kill two birds with one stone”
Wang Youcai no longer argued with Wang Youfa on this matter,He changed the subject and asked:“How is your farmhouse going?”