Although most of the world’s award announcements,But such a high production cost,In the film history of China,Never happened。

The reason why Wen Fan doesn’t care about the follow-up cooperation with Chu Liuxiang,The main reason is this。
At least for now,Mavericks are not qualified to compete with giants like,I want to cooperate with Teacher Chu Liuxiang,At least it’s many years later。
How will the environment then,Can Teacher Chu Liuxiang write the best-selling、The sensational movie script was originally,It’s all a question mark。
Of course,Just this time《Love through time and space》In terms of,Wen Fan is very satisfied。
The field of TV drama is the foundation of Mavericks。
Can get a masterpiece by Chu Liuxiang,Even if the price paid is a little higher,Also very useful,It can stabilize the Mavericks TV dominance。
“But there is one thing to pay attention to。”Zhu Tao, the celebrity manager who has been silent,But frowned,“This old Lai is getting worse and worse,He relied on Buyiyi and Chu Liuxiang,Gave me a list of actors,From actor to supporting role,Except policewoman.Observe that Xiaoying dare not move,He wants to take part in everything。”
“Humph,This person is notoriously domineering and likes to eat clean。”Check the thick channel,“I made several TV shows,Because I found an artist under his banner,But I’m fed up with him。”
“What to do this time?Can’t give him all?”Wei Ming’s unhappy way:“Our own people still want!Nothing else,Zhu Di and Zhu Yunzhen,Is our own actor bad??It’s such a rare TV show!”
Wen Fan didn’t catch a cold to Lai Haijin。
A small broker,Even if you are one of the top ten brokers,What’s in front of me?
Now I hear him so excessive,I got the script,The rest of the eight characters have not been written yet,He started to intervene on a large scale,I dare to give you money to train new people,You get the benefits all by yourself?
That does not work!
Thought of here,Wen Fan on the road:“Reject him!Except for Buyi,None of us!There is a kind of him called Bu Yiyi who can’t play!”
Everyone laughed。
How could Lai Haijin give up this opportunity for Buyiyi to appear in teacher Chu Liuxiang’s script??