Shen Zhiyu Yingdao:“sure,However, I have been busy recently,It may take some time,I turned around and asked her when she was free,Let her come and see you。”

Shen Zhiyue is afraid that Lu Shanshan and Lin Tong will show up when they meet alone,Said:“mom,The small apartment that Brother Yue bought before can already live in,Very close to here,Why not let her see me tomorrow night,Help you move by the way。”
Lin Tong was surprised to hear that he was moving:“Do you really want to move?Can i not move?I think I lived there before。”
Shen Zhiyue regards Zhou Qihua as an imaginary enemy,Naturally, Lin Tong will not continue to live with Zhou Qihua。
“mom,You live with us。Zhou Qihua had his days,We’ve been bothering him for a long time。”
Lin Tong put down the tableware,I can’t help but speak:“Shan Shan,Mom wants to talk to you,I hope you and Miss Shen will not be upset,Don’t worry about anything upset。I always feel,Shanshan, you feel so strange to me,You are warmer to Miss Shen than to me。Not that you have a bad attitude,Unfilial,But a feeling。I always feel like you are hiding something from me。My impression of Shanshan is a bit unconfident about the relationship with Mt.,She always feels that she is not good enough。In fact, she is not confident because of me。My ex-husband’s marriage is not happy,not happy,She will also worry,If one day,We return to the rented house in the village,Can she still stand it。Easy from simple to extravagant,It’s hard to go from luxury to simplicity。”
Shen Zhiyue continued to dance his lips:“mom,Do not you worry,We will really get married,And we will be happy。”
Shen Zhiyu also helped persuade:“Who am i,Where do i teach,Auntie, you all know,If I look at my brother being bad for his wife,I will not dissuade,I’m in vain。”
Lin Tong naturally believes in Shen Zhiyu,But things are unpredictable,No one can guarantee that I will only love one in my life。She’s so scared,My daughter became a divorced woman just like myself。
Lin Tong looked at Lu Shanshan again,Although the girl in front of you is still sick,But bright,Very different from her daughter。
Lin Tong couldn’t help saying:“Shan Shan,Don’t be angry when I say this,I always think you are not like my daughter。”
Shen Zhiyue was stunned immediately,Look awkward。Lin Tong looked at Shen Zhiyu when he saw that he didn’t refute,Panicked。
“You tell me,Is something wrong with my daughter?,This girl just looks like my daughter,Isn’t it my daughter?。So did my daughter during the operation that night,It’s gone?”