The commander’s daughter is actually a sister of the Shen family,This fact that men can’t believe,And shocked these boys again。
“You have been happy for a long time,Your father, I’m going to die,Ha ha。”
I don’t know if I was infected by Yang Shiyun,Yang Muhua actually became very funny today。
“Will not,Where is it?,Your body is great。”
Yang Shiyun saw his dad actually holding her own field,So I became more and more pitiful,The more lively chat with dad now,The less risk of getting a bear soon。
“Commander,We all have always admired the Shen family so much,Unexpectedly, your daughter is actually one of Shen’s sisters!I knew we would all visit her at your house.。”
The young officer pleased Yang Muhua and said。
“It doesn’t matter who she is,Never go home once in 800 years,Neither her mother nor I can see her,Not to mention you guys。”
Yang Muhua sneered at his daughter,Actually, I’m also muttering to myself:When did this girl become Shen’s sister??She is obviously a policeman,When did you run the special forces?Of course,It is an extremely glorious thing to be a sister of the Shen family,But the problem is,Why did she become a sister of the Shen family??
“I’m back,And not only did I come back by myself,I’ll bring back four daughters for you and my mother,Hehe。”
When Yang Shiyun saw his father, he started to mention that he would never go home.,I immediately put out my best friends as a shield。
“This girl is Shen Ruoxue’s sister?”
Yang Muhua turned her head and looked up and down Shen Ruoxi and asked。
Yang Shiyun hurriedly replied。
“Your sister is amazing,Next time, bring her and the one named Liu Xiaoyun to let me see you。”
Yang Muhua nodded and said。