Seeing Murongshan turning away from the back,Qin Liang didn’t give up trying to add something!But this time Murong Shan really ignored him……

After returning to the bedroom,Murong Shan saw the expression on Shen Ruoxi’s face already“Cloud and fog,Sunny after rain”Up,I feel a lot more relaxed。
“you are back。”
Shen Ruoxi greeted Murong Shan intimately,Actually she wanted to find out the result,But I am embarrassed to ask。
“Yep,I scolded the kid badly!He’s honest,But he explained to me again and again,He was just talking to you on purpose,Nothing else,He asked me to tell you;I will never joke with you about giving birth to a daughter,Don’t make you angry。”
Chapter two thousand four hundred and thirty six A war fought in the name of love
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Chapter two thousand four hundred and thirty six A war fought in the name of love
Murong Shan’s mediation work is really in place,Squeeze both sides so subdued,Qin Liang slapped,Shen Ruoxi gave sweet jujube here,For this young couple,She is a friend who really tried her best……
Shen Ruoxi said softly,In fact, after Du Shanshan’s ideological work just now,Shen Ruoxi has let go of the incident just now,I don’t care anymore。
“That kid will have to clean up in two days,Otherwise, he will habitually go to the house,So don’t be polite when you should clean him up,You have to establish your majesty in front of him,To instill a thought in him for a long time;you,Is the boss of this family,This family is yours, not him,understand?”
Murong Shan continued to teach Shen Ruoxi a few words。