[How to steam yam in a microwave oven]_How to do_How to do

[How to steam yam in a microwave oven]_How to do_How to do

The yam is mainly used for soup in our life, and the method of steaming yam is relatively rare. It is mainly used for making desserts, not yam purple potato cake and yam taro cake.

As for the method of steaming yam, we can use an induction cooker or a microwave oven to cook it. The method is similar, as long as we add water to the microwave oven, we can steam it.

Practice: 1. Wash the yam.

2. Scrape off the skin.

3. Cut into 10 cm long and 1 cm thick strips.

4. Put it on the plate.

5. Sprinkle with sugar and cover with plastic wrap.

6. Add microwave oven and steam for 10 minutes on high heat.

7. Take it from the microwave oven, remove the plastic wrap and sprinkle with honey.

8, you can accept.

Content extensions: 1. Yam 1, yam, that is, yam, also known as Huai yam, Huai yam, native potato, yam, potato, Yuyan.

Herbs perennial, with stalks, often purple, roots reorganized, leaves opposite, oval or oval, flowers milky, dioecious.

2, roots contain starch and protein and can be eaten.

Monocotyledonous plants, 10 genera and 650 species, are widely distributed in temperate and tropical regions of the world. Dioscorea 1 genera, about 80 species.

3. Originating in Pingyao, Shanxi, Jiexiu, it is now distributed in the provinces and regions of Jiangxi in the north, northwest, and the Yangtze River.

Second, storage method 1.

Gully method: Dig 1?
The trench is 2 meters deep and about 1 meter wide. The excavated yam is immediately discharged into the trench. One layer of yam and one layer of soil, not more than 80 cm, are covered with a layer of fine soil.

As the temperature drops, cover the soil with a layer of frozen soil at a thickness of 5?
10 cm is appropriate, can be stored until the next year 3?


Burying method: also known as sand hiding method.

On the concrete floor of the warehouse or indoor, the buried pit with a height of about 1 meter is built with bricks.

Put 10 cm of clean fine sand or soil on the bottom of the pit.

Place the selected yam flat on the sand as planned, one layer of yam and one layer of fine sand, pile up to about 10 cm from the pit mouth, and then seal with fine mud or yellow sand.

Check upside down every other month.

Yams can also be placed in baskets and buried in sand.


Basket hiding method: Place sun-sterilized straw or wheat straw around a sterilized basket or box.

Then stack the selected yam layer by layer until it is eighth full and cover it with wheat straw.

Finally, it is stacked in the warehouse to keep the temperature in the warehouse. To prevent the ground from moisture, you can pad bricks or wooden boards on the bottom of the basket.