on the contrary,Detail,The two cannot be tacit,Instead, there is a mutual curb。

I didn’t play a plus one equal to two,Or greater than two effects。
And he can see it,Bruce’s wind is absolutely strong,But against the summer,Completely crushed。
Any means did not play much role。
Both join http://www.zrzhe.cn hands,It’s not as good as the Summer Summer and Lingtian.。
This makes the summer secretly tones.,Also constantly improving,He is always ready to shoot。
……the other side,Many masters of ear family and Gano,And those ancient martial arts that have not escaped,Again again。
Unlike,In addition to Kano,For those ancient martial arts,Most surroundings。
This is the meaning of the old man.。
Although the ear of the ear is unknown,But no one questioned。
Because the exposure of Xia Jiu Qi,Let them all mess up。
Especially those who have seen Xia Jiuwei,Their emotions are complex to the extreme。
Make a reason,Xia Jiuwei has a great giant to the ear,Once, it is also considered mutual commits.。
The reason why the ear is capable of become a family,Biggest factor,Not his father is the last ethnic group。
But the ear of the ear knows Xia Jiuwei。
However, not long ago,The ear is exposed to people under the world,Nowadays, the ear is collectively reversed to the sky.。
They can imagine,If the summer is not killed,What kind of clearing thing will usher in ear home?。
This is not the most important。
Important,This also involves a secret。
I have an traitor in my ear.,Ear Junshan。
He is the 嫡 嫡 嫡,It is possible to compete with the ears of the ear.,Also barely calculate a character。
it’s him,Lee it in the darkness of Sunday Darut。
Big crack,Although Sundi Big Array did not stop the summer,But it played a vital role。
afterwards,Xia Jiuwei jumped into the big splitter,Ear Junshan judge ear home,The ear home also launched the chasing。
These……Both are the situation on the surface。
The truth is another scene。
Ear Junshan leaks Sunday,It is full of ear sunshine in the dark,Step by step。
God thinks that God does not know。
But his means in that year,Still being seen in the eyes。
It’s just that the elderly group is all put.。
So on the same day,They don’t hesitate to open the ear of the ear.,But also pushes the top of the Junhao。
But now Xiajiu is unfamed.,She makes the spokesperson,Even……For the high level of the ear,All are frightened。
This is Xia Jiu, passing a message to them.……The ear of the ear,She already knows。
Gano can http://www.ramboedu.cn break around Sunday,Find a vulnerability……Obviously Xia Jiu Jing said his。
Now now,There is no return at all。
Can only go down to the sky。
At this time,The old man who was injured by the summer was a manway next to him.,“Don’t do it too dark,Put them,We chased it later。”
He is also an old man,After hearing,Now nod,Then retreat from silently。
“what……”One of the ancient militors made a scream,Be full of blood,Break through the heavy,Defeat in the outside。
In fact,These ancient martial arts come,All suffer。