combustion,On the other side of the earth

Form a wonderful cyclone
Ongoing Push me Come to you
near,A little closer
Let me hear your heartbeat
The sound plucks this string
Thanks for the cyclone of love
Bleak time and space
Through the millennium
Take you and me
The stage lights are gathered in the palm of Bailing,The affectionate singing tells the girl’s heart,As the song ends,The scene is still unfinished。
“The singing of the goddess of Bailing is so beautiful,I’m so touched that I almost shed tears!I think many viewers and I feel the same!is it?”The host Ma Crazy asked。
“Woo woo,Yes,The lark goddess is amazing!”The audience replied。
“Of course,Our scene today,And some surprises,Someone specially prepared it for the goddess Bailing!Look at the big screen!!!”Host humanity。
Braun who is still in the future and stepped down,Look at the big screen behind you。
I saw the figure of the popular female singer Yumi appeared on the big screen,This is the first case for campus-level performances,Unexpectedly, popular female stars can pay attention to this game,Also recorded a video,This made the fans of Yumi live out of control,Braun is no exception,Very pleasantly surprised。