“Perhaps……”Qinling whispered two words,Pretty face is full of hesitation,Grouch。

Ultimate,Strivered by a firm。
The Qin Jian Mountain that is originally left is to return。
After entering the hall,No stalk,Up to three floors。
Before the door,Stand straight body pico bow。
Be careful to knock on the door。
“Come in。”
A low voice in it。
Qin Jingshan pushed the door,Look at the look,“Adult……”Front desk,Sitting a man with a copper mask。
He put his hand,Faint,“Not necessarily,I have heard it in your conversation.。”
The look of Qin Jingshan is more http://www.tal-intal.cn respectful.,Hurry,“Adult,The summer is really awkward,Actually,It’s all seen by him.。”
The man in the copper mask is loud,“Shota also,Those words you said,No matter what he looks out or say,I will buried a seed in the Qinling heart.。”
Qin Jingshan performance is very humble,After hearing, the eyes are bright.,Then, the color of the doubts,“Adult,Some people don’t understand,Qinling is just a pang family,You seem to be very important to her。”
“Her qualifications are really good。
In addition,I also have some curiosity, what is the place in a different?。”
Men not hide,Laugh again,“Otherwise,It will not be active by the guy.,Hehehehe,Thank you for your niece.,If it is not her words,I have worked hard for many years.,I finally captured the tail.。”
After the end,He put his hand,“Well,This matter is good,This is an antidote,Let’s take it for your father.。”
Speech,Shake hand throws a white small bottle,At the same time,“Qin Jingshan,Excessive words and threats,I will not say much.,I hope you can realize the time。”
“Understand,I understand。”
Qin Jingshan is busy changing the small bottle,The color of joy is coming up on the face。
……Another side。
Sitting in the rear seat of the taxi,Looking at the night scene of the window,There are also slightly complex between http://www.hackersha.cn eyebrows.。
He didn’t know,The words of Qin Jingshan,Affirmation has an impact on Qinling。
Even if I am broken,Also buried seeds in the heart of Qinling。
At the time,He said that he did not defecate。
In fact。