For this event,Yao Yu is just a coincidence。

But there is a person who is paying attention to。
Just when the passers-by,Just in someone will be photographed on the video,The ancient wind has already learned that all passes have not been fermented.。
The ancient feelings are very good.,Entry a glass of wine,The face is full of smiles。
have to say,Yao Yu is very accurate to his judgment。
The ancient breeze is not big,Mature stability,Has a certain heart and eyes。
I first learned about the news in Yunnan in the summer.,He has a judgment,It should be that summer is bait,Want to catch them into the game。
At that time, he advised Bai Xu.,But the other party is not listening,Still to make Jiakutang shot,As a result。
“Summer red brother”The ancient smile is deep,“Last night, Bai Xu shot,You fight today,let’s hit,Have you hit it?,It is best to wait。”
“Oh,I almost forgot.。”
The ancient wind is facing the air,Self-speaking,“You or the direct blood of your home,Ha ha,I hope that this is more and more lively.。”
Pause,What did he think of,“Hey, I should push it.,Sign out this,Thus,White family was once again,They can’t think of it.。Ha ha。Really been waiting。”
the other side。
Summer is visiting a wounded,I immediately rushed to the police station.。
At the door of the police, I waited for more than ten minutes.,Thunder is coming out。
“Boss?How did you come?”
Thunder does not know that within twenty-four hours of being detained,A series of felts happened,See summer,I immediately ran to the past。
Summer solve,Just watching him quietly。
Thunder is seen in some hair,“You know yesterday’s things.?Hey,In fact, there is nothing big.,I am just overcast.。”
Toned,He bite his teeth,“Don’t let me find out who,Otherwise, Laozi killed him.!”
“Let it go。”
Summer recovery,Take a step forward,“I have something to tell you.。”
“What is it?。”
Thunder laughed with,Flashing between the eyes。
“What happened yesterday,Besdy said to me.。”Summer,One side,“but,After you are governed,Also an accident”
Summer is not concealing,Let’s talk about it。
However,When he tells more than west,The rest of the brothers have been interrupted.,The Thunder’s side of the eyebrows stand up.,And his eyes are also filled with blood.。
“Who!Who is dry?!Laozi killed him home,I am going to the hospital.”
Say,Thunder is like crazy, ran to the street blocking。
Summer does not block,Follow up,Continue,“Bai Xu shot,He is retalian,Take you as my hand,Thunder,I am tired of you.,I have tired of everyone.。”
Heard this sentence,The original face anxious and angry thunder,Face does not change。
“Get on the bus first,I will continue to tell you on the car.。”
Summer is very clear,Only this,In order to make the Thunder are gradually calming down。
Thunder is his brother,Not a hand,Usually thunders respect,That is the love of the brother。So knowing in summer,Thunder fire explosion temper once broke out,Even if he also stopped。
NS818chapter Self-destruction
“……This is the passage of things.。”
A taxi galloped on the road,Car rear seat,Looking at the Thunder next to the summer,“Bai Xu did not dare to retaliate about me,I will knock your mind to you,If I don’t come back,He digs this pit,Waiting for you to jump。”
Toned,Summer heart is flat,“When you go to the hospital to visit your brothers,Western Western will definitely be accompanied,You will inevitably encounter with Bai Xu,The middle-aged man who recognizes the movie on the spot on the spot.,you say,Take your temper,What would you do。”
This sentence,Thunder’s look can’t help change。