Ning Feifei gives her the deepest response,For a long time,Ou Jingyi is reluctant to let go.。

Ningfa blur,The fate red face has a bit of a bit,How did he stop?。
Ou Jing, look at her desire is dissatisfied.,Can’t help but laugh,“Fifi,I will never leave me later.。”
Ning Feifei nodded quickly:“Don’t leave for a lifetime。”
“after,Give me two daughters。”
Ning Feifei:“……”I have never seen such a daughter.。
“well,You work hard,This time is a dragon and phoenix,Next is twin daughter。”
Ou Jing, I am satisfied with laughing.,Take her up,“go,Go bath,I miss.。”
Ning Feifei is ashamed to deeply buried his head in his arms,“Aura,Are you forgive me??”
Ou Jingzhen is a bit anxious,Strong tone:no?See your future performance。”
Ning Feifei:“……”So, is she not a bitter??
“Humph!”She looked at him.:“What do you say,How do you forgive me??”
Ou Jingzhen bowed with her breath,“Not to say??See your future performance。”
“Humph!Ghost,I am going to with the babies tonight.,You sleep alone。”
Her voice falls ,The sound of Ou Jingxi warned in her ear:“Do you think you still have this opportunity??”
“How not?When did you forgive me??”Ning Feifei now has two children to support,I am not afraid of him early.。
“See my mood,I will wait for me this evening.,Maybe I will forgive you tomorrow morning. 。”European blind smile,The joy of the bottom is not hidden.。
Ning Feifei can only stand all the time,Until finally eating dry,Ou Jing, did not say what she was forgiven.。
Blue Xin woke up early,Powerful。
Slightly change the home feeling the sky。
“Blue,feel better now?”Lu Haocheng succumbed to her forehead。
Blue Xin looked at him,Not talking,Close your eyes rest again,I don’t know what I am.,Where is it uncomfortable?。
“Blue,Open your eyes,look at me 。”Lu Haocheng looked at her and closed her eyes.,I am very urgent in my heart.,If this thing does not solve it,Her treatment will be better for a while.。
Blue Xin slowly opened his eyes,Looking at me,Handsome is full,Yinhong’s lips are slightly flooding,Some crack。
“I’m uncomfortable。”Her hoarse voice made her herself can’t hear it.。
“Blue,I will send you to the hospital.。”
“Do not go,Run from the hospital every day,very tired,Give me medicine。”Blue Xin closed again,She doesn’t want to move even her finger.。
Look at him,I am afraid that I didn’t sleep overnight.。
Lu Haocheng Road:“I am porridge,You first eat porridge to take medicine,Ok??”He is very gentle,Heartbreak,He got her ill。
“Um!”Blue Xin gently,Do not eat,She really is not strong。
She doesn’t want to be so uncomfortable。
“Blue,You drink some hot water first.。”Lu Haocheng carefully supported her,Blue Xin took the water and drunk a bite.,Slightly shake the head。
Her headache is powerful,I don’t want to say even.。
Lu Hao Cheng held her down,Go to the kitchen。
After another,Looking at Blue Xin is still drowsy,He keeps his own bastard。
“Blue,Drink porridge。”Lu Hao Cheng put the porridge to the bedside table,Only only to help her。
Blue Xin’s heart grievance,In addition to the head of the head,Sinking is hard to know how to do it is comfortable,Tears will not live out。
I have never been so sad。
NS1795chapter:Lu Haochong yourself