Gan Yifan is really afraid of hunger,I went around the city without eating,I’m already hungry now,On the way to the island,The powerful Ning Beizhi follow behind,Even the wolf hides,The pheasant and hare that used to run around are even more difficult to find。

“Are you hungry?”He turned around and asked。
Yan Hongjun pointed to the mask he was wearing,“I can’t eat when I’m hungry。”
“But i’m hungry,Weak pneumatic hand。”
Ning Bei’s eyes are smiling,“You find something to eat,I also want to taste the island game。”
Gan Yifan glanced at him suspiciously,Remember a few months ago,Ningbei Zhishang Island,He also plans to do something on Ning Bei Zhi,Just fear in my heart,Judging that Ning Bei Zhi can’t stay on the island for too long,But he didn’t have the courage to make a move。
But now it seems that Ningbei Zhizhi is not affected by the cold fog on the island,It’s Ning Bei Zhi’s cultivation base,Or his judgment was wrong at the beginning?
This action group leader who is more like a university professor always feels unpredictable,Unpredictable,Is it possible to make a wrong judgment?……
He thought so,Head into the jungle,Bringing a few pheasants and hares over here soon,It’s all baked。
“Fast enough。”Ning Beizhi was surprised。
“Oil seller,Practice makes perfect。”Gan Yifan handed him a pheasant,Glanced at Yan Hongjun,Tear off a pheasant butt and hand it over:“The pheasant on the island has a unique taste,Don’t even use salt,Delicious,You too。”
“Don’t eat。”Yan Hongjun smiled angrily。
First133chapter:You know what i’m thinking?
Gan Yifan’s mouth is greasy,And deliberately got in front of Yan Hongjun and continued to piss him off。Ning Beizhi said so angry and funny:“You’re done,Take advantage,Don’t be endless。”
Gan Yifan only converged,Vaguely said:“He is a liar。”