Give Chu Liuxiang and Zhu Mei dividends early,Also make them happy,So I am more grateful to the princess!

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First415chapter Two girls
“YourXXAccount,Credit1Billion RMB……”
When Shen Huan’s mobile phone received this message,He felt at ease in his heart。
Zhu Mei called him just now,Explained the source of the money。
《Gift in Room 7》4Zhou’s global box office is32Billion RMB,Removed3In addition to production costs and other expenses,The total profit is6.6Billion RMB。
Originally, Shen Huan’s benefit was10%Share of profits,But because the princess said,Global box office exceeds10Billion yuan,Will give big red envelopes。
Now the box office has exceeded30Billion,The red envelope is bigger。
So the princess made a whole for him,became1Billion。
The money should go to Zhu Mei first,She will transfer it to Shen Huan。
Like Shen Huan10%Zhu Mei,Also get1Billion。
But Zhu Mei’s1Billion also needs to share with the crew。
Beyond Shen Huan and Zhu Mei,Including Guo Hang、Yang Shu and other cast actors,Also have a big red envelope——Including those movie kings from Japan and Taiji。
《Gift in Room 7》Production cost3Billion,Of course it was spent on shooting excellence。