Jiang Fan said:“You went to Fengshun?”

“Yes,not yet。”
“What about Xiaoshu?”
Peng Changyi obviously did not realize that the secretary asked this question,He replied in a daze:“Okay。”
Jiang Fan knows that there must be others around him,Just said:“You,Just call and ask about the situation,Leave her there alone,You can rest assured……”
Peng Changyi said:“Fengshun’s situation is a bit special,I’m afraid if the rain continues tonight,There will be danger there at any time,Don’t worry if you go。”
“it is good,Pay attention to safety。Contact at any time。”
“Ok,I will report to you at any time。”
Jiang Fan hung up,Walk into the bedroom。
Ding Yi heard him call,Just asked:“Is it raining heavily?”
Jiang Fan said:“Yes,The upper reaches of the Wanma River may release floods tonight,I should be at the forefront at this time。”
“Then you go。”
“I can go,You are not allowed to lock the door,I’ll be back later,Or i won’t go。”Jiang Fan said deliberately。
Ding Yi thought about it,Nodded at him。
Jiang Fan put on the wet clothes just now,Ding Yi suddenly thought of the shirt he had put here upstairs,Just said:“You have your clothes upstairs,I’ll get it for you。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“Not bad,Really didn’t throw it away with me,I will get it myself,You rest well。”
He said,Went upstairs,Open the closet,I saw his short-sleeved shirt hanging on the innermost side,And pants and shorts,He untied the bath towel,Go downstairs after getting dressed,Talk to Ding Yi:“I am leaving,Do not lock the door。”He warned again。
Ding nodded,Said:“Umbrella at the door。”
“it is good。”Jiang Fan said,I picked up the umbrella and walked out,Soon it was drowned in the stormy night。