Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Six He was right
When Hu Lai and Zhang Qinghuan、When Wang Guangwei walked into the locker room together,I found that the noisy locker room suddenly became quiet,Everyone turned to look at the three people who came in,Or to be precise,Looking at Hu Lai in the middle of the three。
Facing everyone’s eyes,Hu Lai’s first reaction was to look down,At the same time, the guard hand touched the crotch zipper of the jeans。
“by,I didn’t stretch my pants, you two don’t know the reminder……”He was still complaining about the two people next to him,But the words are not finished,“what?I zip it up!”
What do they see me?
Just when Hu Lai was at a loss,Chen Xingyi raised his phone and said:“Hu Lai, let me tell you,Don’t ignore that kid,Obviously it is a touch porcelain,Look at him even if you lose!”
He was filled with indignation,But Hu Lai always felt that there was a trace of gloating emotions hidden in the tone of Little Star……
Captain Li Tielin stood up and asked Hu Lai:“Did you watch the news,Hu Lai。The goalkeeper Lin Zhiyuan who just joined the South China Tigers……”
Hu Lai Suddenly:“Oh,What did you guys say about that?,I got it。Chatting with them on the way here。”
Wang Guangwei looked at Chen Xingyi with a sneer:“Chen Xingyi, Zhang Qinghuan has already said this again on the way here,I tell you,Arch the fire arch to the end, be careful to burn yourself。”
Chen Xingyi looks embarrassed,Look at Zhang Qinghuan。
Zhang Qinghuan spreads both hands:“Hu Lai felt that they were right。”
“Right?。”Hu Lai said to his teammates in the locker room,“I just scored three goals in the East Asian Cup.,It just helped the Chinese team win the East Asian Cup,I just won the East Asian Cup Golden Boots and Golden Balls……East Asian Cup only,Everyone sent the Olympic team,Not the national team,The gold content of this game is actually not high……”
Qin Lin said suddenly:“Hu Lai,If you want to be humble next time,Don’t list your honors in such detail,Make people think you are acting。”
Everyone burst into laughter。
“He must be pretending,Ringo!”