in fact,Gao Hong doesn’t know,Why is it to Ye Xuan,Have such a sense of trust。

But now,Where’s Ye Xuan,It quickly started to speed up。
“Don’t tell me,This supercar skill,It’s really easy to use。”
at least,Look at Ye Xuan,All of this,It really looks like this。
But the more so,Actually, Ye Xuan subconsciously looked at these things,At this moment,Ye Xuan’s heart,Even more eager to try。
Other things,It’s not that important for the time being。
After Ye Xuan accelerates,The people behind,You can still catch up。
But now,They discovered more and more。
If you want to catch up,It’s just a very ridiculous joke。
But looking at these,This moment,Huang Fei sighed:“No need to compare,We have lost。”
“in fact,From the moment he surpassed us,We already lost。”
Huang Fei finished,The others stopped too。
But if you think about it,It seems all this,It is indeed the case。
When these people are all looking at here,at this time,Everyone around,All paused without speaking。
After all next,Actually speaking accurately,On the contrary, there is nothing to continue。