Blue Xinyan walked over,Sitting around Grandma,Recall that time,Grandma is still a beautiful expectant,Dressed in dress is very fashionable,Hourly two decades,She grasmented her grandmother again,Grandma is really old。 Banner,Spirit is very good,But the more love。
“grandmother,Is the chreaty back??”She remembers that the chrysanthemum has never come back.。
Take care of her, listen to her.,I suddenly stunned.。
Just even the Lin Dami and Gu Yi are also a glimpse.。
Chilemia is long in the house,They all know who is chryscetic。
Lu Haocheng is gently smiled,“grandmother,Bluebessing,However, the chrysanthemum has never been come back.。”
“Hey,did not return。”Gu’s grandmother nodded。
Looking at Blue Xin, loving,“Small memory,Do you really think of it??”
Blue Xin smiled and nodded:“grandmother,I was still small at that time.,I think of some blurred pictures。Chile can I hate it.,So remember to be more clear。”
“hehe……”Gu Xiandai smiled and nodded.,Looking at the sweet smile on the granddaughter,She is also peaceful,This time,Her hardship,Also plan for Gu Jia,It is necessary to bear the pain of losing her husband.。
Come on this hoe worried。
Now see her happy sweet smile,She is also assured。
“Small memory,You don’t like chreaty,That’s because your skin is too white.,Pacarah is to play with you,But always break your hand。Hand, you will suffer,I hate it when I hurt.,Later, I don’t like it.。”
Blue Xin is a little low,Indeed for this reason。
Lin Demon is lightly sitting next to Blue Hind,One hand is lightly holding blue shoulders,Still still in the shock of just now,“Blue,You really think about it.?”
Blue Xin looked at my mother and smiled.,I have always feel that my mother is not pro,But after a memory,This feeling is completely different。
She feels that my mother is more profound.。
“Mother,Remember,Mom likes to give me a braid,But I don’t like it.,I like Tagata,So convenient。I will always be more true because of this matter and my mother.。Mom likes to take me with a black head rope,And I like to use pink strawberry head rope。Mom, you always say that the land is dead.。But I feel very cute.。”
Lin Dami nodded,The blue blue blue is almost paranoid against strawberries.。
Blue Xin has a look at Gu Yi,“Big brother,Do you remember?When you go to school,Give a moment,Put the seat in the cafeteria,Come back was played by Dad.,Don’t give eating for dinner,You steal my strawberry cake and chocolate,I found out,You gave me ten dollars.,Let me not tell things out。”
Gu Yi listen,Some smile laugh,“Small memory,I really want to look up.,There is something like this,Ten dollars at the time were there a lot。 ”
Blue Xin smiles,Double eyeball,Think of Dad,Blue Xinwei looks out,There is a strong recollection,In this home,The most impressed person is Dad。
Dad is very comfortable.,I have never been able to marry her.,Going back every day,Dad will give her a small gift.,No matter what,Dad has never yet yet。
After dinner,He will always take a walk on the road to the front.,Sometimes I will take Lu Hao Cheng together.。
She and Lu Hao are chasing each other.,Dad always worried that they worried about their hearts.。
His loving voice,It seems that I have never been over.,I have always loved her.。
Blue Xin’s memory,Let her and their families have a thicker。
Now Gu family’s business situation is very good。
Gu Yi Lin and Shen Jiaqi who take the small South Bridge and Shen Jiaqi are also coming back at lunch.,Everyone ate a meal together,I am very happy to talk.。
Gu Xihong went to the company,Terms just come back at night,Blue Xin is not anxious to go back,I want to have dinner with my father.。
Blue Xin has been funny,Wait until he sleeps,He tied to Lu Hao back Lujia Old House next door.。
After the land of Lu Haokai left,Renovation。