Watching Jiang Li take a bite,Asked nervously:

“How is the taste?Salty or weak?Enough heat?”
“still alright,”Jiang Li said,“Similar to what my mom did。”
After speaking,Realize it’s not very polite,Smiled again,Added:“pretty good!”
Her smile is too perfunctory,Let Liu Qing have some injuries in her heart,Secretly Tucao:
“Don’t learn others acting if you don’t know how to act,So embarrassing。”
But there is no way。
Although this girl is his subordinate,But it’s also his favorite,Secretly Tucao can,Really want to reprimand,That still won’t work。
But for him,Cooking for a beautiful girl for the first time,I don’t dislike it,That’s a success。
How many catties is his cooking skills,He knows it himself。
I hugged the Buddha’s feet temporarily,I watched the video and learned,Can improve,But the degree of improvement is also limited。
As the saying goes,Cannibalism,Take short。
I ate three meals made by Liu Qing,Jiang Li’s vigilance towards him has disappeared a bit,And it’s daytime,Won’t give people that much fear。
She is not as nervous as she was at night。
The expression is relaxed a lot,At the table, I discussed the recording of the show with Liu Qing。
There will be two more episodes recorded,Liu Qing’s idea is to record in two days,So you can upload it while making it,Listen to the feedback from the audience to make changes。
But Jiang Li feels he can’t go out anyway,They have plenty of time in the afternoon,It’s better to say that the two programs will be recorded in one day,Do the next topic,Time is much broader。
After some discussion,Liu Qing thinks Jiang Li makes sense,So I decided to have the remaining two episodes this afternoon《The mystery of Tang Seng’s Westward Journey》To finish recording。
After eating,Liu Qing cleans up the dishes,Jiang Li returned to his bedroom,Sit at the dressing table to touch up makeup。
——There is nothing to make up,She only carried a lipstick in her bag。