Xu Xuan’s relationship with Kobe.That’s great!

Xu Xuan didn’t even go back to the hotel in the past two days,I always live in Kobe’s house。
Even if Xu Xuan has“Mamba successor”Halo,It’s impossible to make their relationship so good?
Xu Xuan is also called“Little Curry”What,What is the time of this nickname“Mamba successor”Much longer,Why haven’t you seen Xu Xuan and Curry have such a good relationship??
It’s so rare。
But he can only think about it in his heart,At most, go back and report to old Larry·Bird.
Time goes by in a hurry。
After three days,Pacers return to Staples Center again,The opponent has become another team。
The Clippers’ record this season is not very good,Even worse than the walkers,only10Win8negative。
This is why the Clippers are so upset with the Pacers。
Their team record is not as strong as this Rotten Tomatoes?
What a joke!
The Clippers want to let others know today,Record does not mean everything!
Strength is the only!