“Three points7in3!Not a high hit rate,But in the defensive meat grinder situation,Kobe’s three-point scoring efficiency is still very high!”

Just shoot three points!Take a quick shot before the defense forms a double-team!Three-pointers are the best option!
The more pitch the better!Kobe’s 3-pointer is getting farther and farther away,The Bulls’ defense is getting harder to interfere with him。
“Lakers lead!”The magician roared。
End of first quarter。
Kobe single section9in4,13Minute2Backboard0Assist0Steal0Cap0Mistake!
Jordan8in4,Take down10Minute4Backboard2Assist1Steal2Mistake。
Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Six Unlimited fire!King of Thirds!
“Fight defense!The Lakers actually lead?”Mafon wondered。
“Do not!It’s not that the Lakers’ defense is more dominant,Chicago’s defense is significantly stronger,But Kobe scores more efficiently!”Penny Hardaway。
Kobe single section9in4,13Minute。
Jordan has a higher hit rate,But Kobe scored higher than Jordan3Minute!