Wei Ge said bitterly……

Originally from that day after he was pushed down by Qin Liang severely,Ten days passed,He is not well yet……He sat in handcuffs underground for a long time,The swollen lower body is unbearable pain。
“Lower body pain?Deserve it,You asked for it!Just your rubbish,You should just abolish you!”
A police officer said with contempt。
“Big brother,I really can’t stand the pain,Let me lie down for a while……Lie down for a while。”
Wei Gehu falls to Pingyang,At this time, apart from pretending to be a grandson,,I don’t have any other skills。
“Be honest with me!otherwise,We will send you to the special forces,Don’t say lying down when the time comes,You can stand upside down,Ha ha……”
The policeman looked unmoved,This kind of rascal play tricks,They have seen too many policemen……But Wei Ge was wronged this time!He really didn’t play,He is really in pain。
“Big brother,If I lie to you, I am not a human being!I really can’t stand the pain……I swear;I really didn’t lie to you!”
Wei Ge begged bitterly……
“Fuck you,You are not human!Something worse than a fucking beast,Hurt you bastard!”
The policeman also seems to be a hateful person,It’s okay if Brother Wei doesn’t beg,This pleading,Instead irritated him,He couldn’t help but yelled!
“thump”Bang,Wei Ge is lying directly underground……
“stand up!Sit down!Did you hear me?”
The two police officers walked over immediately,Reached out and pulled Wei Ge from the ground forcibly,But when I saw Wei Ge,The two policemen hesitated,Let go again……
Wei Ge is already pale at the moment,sweating a lot,Shortness of breath,This virtue can never be pretended。
“You look at them,I’ll call a doctor in to see this guy,Don’t wait a while he is dead here,Then he can’t wait for the death penalty day。”