5 reasons why women taste the forbidden fruit early in love

5 reasons why women taste the forbidden fruit early in love

Once men and women have sex in love, they often push women into a passive position.

Especially when premarital sex brings a series of adverse consequences to the woman, psychological pressures such as fear and inferiority follow.

When an abortion must be performed after pregnancy, they are also afraid of the sequelae and fear of affecting their future lives.

However, when we surveyed premarital sex, we found that more than half were voluntary by women.

So, what mentality does a woman in love bring?

After investigation and psychological analysis, we discovered their inner secrets: 1.

Traditional love is incomplete, and Chinese society that is pursuing a “new wave” of love has entered a fast-paced, rich and colorful era. Lifestyles are changing and love styles have become “new wave”.

Some young people mistakenly believe that the contemporary way of falling in love is to have sexual relations at every turn.

They said that “traditional love is incomplete, true love should be broad and can give everything to each other”, “love should give each other freedom, why not wait until after marriage”, “it’s meaningless, I want to walk in historyAhead . “Under the psychological control of chasing the” new trend “, they soon entered into love from first love, embracing, kissing, caressing intoxicatingly, inspiring strong sexual instincts, making it difficult for the mind to resist, and as a resultPremarital sex.

The survey found that among women with premarital sex, nearly half of them had multiple sexual relationships in half a year, and more than 80% thought it was a personal matter.

In fact, women have hurt themselves deeply in all kinds of “new” sexual behaviors.


Advocating various notions of sexual freedom, as long as they are happy and pass the flood of Western cultural thoughts and influx of people, the traditional morality of deep cultural accumulation has been impacted.

Some young people, regardless of their good and bad, blindly advocate the western concept of sexual freedom, equating sexual concepts with primitive instinctual needs.

In the survey, nearly one-third of women believed that “virginity is not important” and “as long as they love themselves happily”; nearly 20% of them did not matter at all after sexual intercourse.What, sex has no sin.

A woman is not a complete woman without being a person. ”

Some have foreseen that the two will not become dependents, but the special relationship is still as usual.

Moral music boxes have been unable to soothe the contradictory and painful souls and bodies of some young people. When they did not know how to drive the boat of life, they had prematurely “irresponsible evil consequences”.


Try to satisfy the curiosity about sex in person, no longer “talk about sexual discoloration” In today’s society, sex has gradually torn away the veil of mystery, and the sexual obscurity and curiosity formed by young people in their youth have deepened.

“We are facing the impact of the tide of all directions, and even sane women will feel confused .” Strong sexual self-consciousness has made them no longer “talk about sexual changes” or be ashamed.

For some young people, the knowledge of sexual physiology is no longer satisfied with what is introduced in books and what has been seen through film and television screens. Instead, they have to try and explore it for themselves.

The number of people who have had sex with this psychological drive has reached 64.


Too many people have sexual intercourse because of a moment of curiosity and don’t regret it until they are pregnant.


Regarding premarital sex as the only way to love, many young people “sex with love” considers “sex” as the size of love, thinking that only sex can maintain love and develop love.

Some people say that pre-marital sexual relationship is a procedural requirement or a necessary path of love. If it happens in advance, the relationship can be determined early, the cohesion of both parties can be increased, and the love relationship can be upgraded.

This concept of sex has led many unmarried men and women to love each other because of their admiration, or to eliminate the restlessness of the other, or to avoid being abandoned by the other.As a result, premarital sex happened prematurely.

In fact, using this “means” contradicts the trendy ideas, which leads to “abatence”, and sexual relations will evolve into a very embarrassing dispute. The law will not judge each other by having sexual relations.Love relationship.


Use the fait accompli fact of “raw rice to cook mature rice” to resist others from obstructing men and women in love. When the love relationship is established, I always hope to get the support and commitment of people in the surrounding environment, especially parents and friends. Once an unexpected intervention occurs, such asParents are struggling to oppose it, and their relatives and friends obstruct it. Sometimes they not only suspend their love relationship, but they are even more like glue, resisting these damages with the fact that “raw rice cooks mature rice.”

In addition, a survey shows that more than 90% of young men and women who have had premarital sex have a clear marriage contract, but because of no reason for housing, financial difficulties, and underage age, they are unable to get married.Maintaining a marriage contract and having sex regularly.

  Judging from the above analysis, young men and women in today’s society have many misunderstandings in terms of sexual cognition, sexual awareness, sexual conception, and love conception. Some of them are quite radical, and gradually bring great problems to individuals, families, and society.
Although premarital sex can make people have certain satisfaction in terms of sexual desire, etc., people are not fascinated in love and often “happy and sad”, especially when it brings serious adverse consequences to the woman, it is even more harmful to taste the “forbidden fruit” early.No doubt about it.

  Of course, we cannot confuse premarital sexual behavior with sexual confusion, nor can we summarize the objective reasons for such behavior as “the world is under the sun.”

Sexual relationships between young men and women after marriage means how precious and reliable it is to face “sex” after a mature outlook on life.

Love is the premise of sex, but only love is not strong.
I hope that young men and women can self-treat the psychological motivation of self-treatment and that there will be a lot of bad consequences for individuals before marriage. I sincerely hope that they can consciously get out of the “myth of love”.