“noob,You are really a fox that has been reopening,Do you want to bake strings??”

I heard the leaves of Ye Double,The little fox is also jumping again to Ye Double,Then I still want to drill to the other party’s collar.。
But this time is it being sucked.,Directly exposed from the collar of the leaves of the leaves,Squint,A smile and smile。
Seeing the little fox,Zhang Ai Tian also felt a little fox。
Day night,The little fox is in the favor of the two women,Directly eat more,When you sleep, Zhang Ai Tian wants to bring a little fox.。
It’s good to be a little fox.。
And Li Hui also talks about what contracts with Zhang Ai Tian.,Because Zhang Ai Tian is full of small foxes。
I even asked Li Hui Feng to sell to her.。
That is,Let the little fox almost ignore her.,Fortunately, she used it to decorate.。
But only this one is also known.,The little fox is really unneaked in the IQ of the child.。
As for IQ with no adult,She doesn’t know.。
The next morning,Li Hui is dragging the leaves and rushed.,After a few days of dragging,Ye Shuangzhou is also used to habits such a life.,It also feels like this life seems good.。
Especially the feeling of running http://www.ciscoqt.cn and addictive。
Li Hui Hui is coming back with the boucery of the leaves.,Two women have just got up。
Waiting until the two women are finished,Lee,Ye Shuangzhou and Ye Double Double are not as decided to eat mutton soup.。
The mutton soup gives them how to eat too much.。
But Zhang Ai Tian, but I don’t know how many people have to take her to drink mutton soup.,According to her understanding, Huaxia should be soy milk fritters.。
A big early morning drinking mutton soup, but it will be fat.,This is an impact on the girl’s body.。
But soon, she has forgotten these.。
Just far from the taste of the mutton soup,She has a feeling of love.。
Even can’t help but want to taste a bite。
After you add a tape,Gently taste a small mouth,Directly opened her appetite。
Even even the big cookie is finally http://www.ljrfkz.cn eaten by her.。
Originally some shaping clothes,I can see the light drums of my belly.。
This makes her are also sorry.。
Decide to go back or have to change a loose。
But the taste of the mutton soup is really very good.,She has never thought about someone can make such a delicious lamb soup.。
Next thing,It is a matter of Zhang Ai Tian and Li speaks with the wind.。
Just when the two have just started talking,The door of the yard is a more beautiful voice.,The sound is cold in the sound。
“Excuse me,Is Li Hui live here??”
Li Hui, heard this household with Zhang Ai Tian,It’s not to look at the door of the hospital.。
The other party’s red long hair,One-piece-yellow thin windbreaker,A pair of black long boots,With black super-wave translucent stockings, a sense of unparalleled temptation。
Especially http://www.rfqtf.cn the other party wears a denim ultra shortage,The upper body is a shaft of a small snow white sweater。