At that time, I saw Joe Yi’s instant.,Her heart has this thought,I will open my father without hesitation.。

She knows that Joe Yi is。
And the big brother is also injured in order to save her.。
“Big brother,Give me some time,I have given you a repayment after a while.。”
Joe Yiyi,She still have something to do。 “Ok,Small memory,Take it easy。”
“I see,Big brother。”
Blue Xin smiled and hangs。
Lu Haocheng listened to a car accident,Also puzzled:“Blue,What is your heart??”
Blue Xin:“”What do he doubt?。
“no,Under your eyelid,What can I calculate??”
She is full of eyes,There is no look at Lu Haochong.。
Lu Haocheng looked at his eyes flashed,Not talking。
WeChat prompt audio,Lu Haozheng looked down,It is Ou Jing.。
Ah Cheng,Li Tingyuan started,The Alliance of the Flying Wolf Alliance went to the emperor,There is also Li Xingyu.。
Li Tingyuan suspects that the emperor is yours.。
Lu Haochong collected mobile phones,Looking at Blue Xin:“Blue,I am going out.,Come back to pick you up。”
Lan Xin has no doubt,They are very busy in recent hours。
“You are busy.,In the evening, we don’t go home to eat.,I want to eat hot pot。”
Lan Xin looked at him,The weather is cold,It is more appropriate to eat hot pot these two days.。
“it is good!”
Lu Haocheng opened the experience quickly。
Li Tingyuan and Hao Peng want to disintegrate his strength in Jiangyou,So,He will take the sky to open their dreams。
There is a saying that it is suitable for Li Tingyuan,Wish is used to break,Hope is used to abrasive。
After turning,Lu Haozheng is dark as ink, the ink is cold。
He went out,Oujing is already waiting for him at the door.。
The two love each other,Didn’t say anything,Go on the elevator。
Qiao Yi hide in the office and looked at the two suddenly left,She immediately issued a message to Li Tingyuan。
Chairman,Lu Haoheng and Ou Jing, suddenly left the office.。
Joe Yi’s news sent two minutes or so,The other party turned a huge sum.。
Joe Yi smiled cheerfully,Helping rich people to do things are making money fast。
Thank you for the chairman!She quickly replied to the news。
Joe Miss,Later Lu Hao Cheng,I have to trouble more.,I won’t treat Miss Joe here.。
Chairman is polite,what do you need,Chairman。
Make money as this speed,Not long,She can pay a mortgage,Then I have a life she wants.。
Everyone said that Lu Hao Cheng is terrible.,Close contact,Not so terrible?。
Joe Yi is excited to hold mobile phone,Open your heart and move in your office.,I can’t afford the excitement of my heart.。
Lu Haoheng and Ou Jingyi, one to the ground,The Journey has already opened the car waiting for them in the elevator.。
Two people got on the car,Ou Jing, take out the hand to open the computer,Link the emperor’s monitoring system。