Nourish,Not let go。

This is the habit of Gu Haizhong has developed many years.。
if not,I won’t drive away in the summer.。
In his opinion,Summer is definitely not a laigue,If he wants to do it,Why is it。
But this thing is too embarrassing,He and Gu Tingting have just been separated.,Gu Tingting suffered,Obviously someone is secretly reporting。
Aron in the morning provocative summer,In the afternoon, I will plant this.……This is some intriguing.。
“Aron,you can go now。”Gu Haizhong’s eyes swept away,Look at those wrists broken bodyguards,“You are the same,All right away。”
Aron and others are all right,One wants to say,But it is nothing to say。
“Mr. Xia,Sorry for this old。”
Gu Haizhong also looked at the summer,Blooming on your face,“I must make me thank you this time.……”Not finished,His face suddenly stiff,Follow,Dropping。
NS459chapter Unbearable force
Sudden scene,Scare everyone a big jump。
I saw Gu Haizhong face colored,Dramatic undulation chest,Standing standing,Fall backwards。
Two bodyguards of the body hurriedly,In addition, two bodyguards are fast running to the integrated building.,Four people are left around,No person is close to。
have to say,They are divided into labor,Reaction is very fast。
“grandfather,How do you??”Gu Ting Ting called,Immediately see the bodyguard,“What are you doing?,Call the doctor quickly。”
“Miss rest assured,A strong they have already gone.。”
Obvious,For these bodyguards,Not the first time you see this burst。
Summer and Liu Qingqing are looking at each other,Walking in the past。
“Feel sorry,Please stop。”
A passionate bodyguard stopped them。
“My friend understands medical skills,Let him see。”Liu Qingqing is anxious。
This bodyguard is a glimpse,Examined eyesight,Then silently open the body。
Go to the past,Summer exploring three fingers in Gu Hai Zhong pulse。
Quiet immediately in four weeks。
But this is the sound,Also let the patients who enter and exit and stop the body,Look forward to,Whispering。
About Mo Yi minutes,Summer。
“How about it?”
Liu Qingqing is looking forward to,Gu Tingting also tears Wang Wang。
“Let’s take a hospitalization procedure first.。”Summer eyebrows,Asked,“His situation has occurred several times?”
A bodyguard,“Recently a week,Frequent coma,Also went to many hospitals to check,There is no exact cause without diagnosis。”
“so it is。”
Summer nice head,Stand up,Just open,I saw a group of doctors and nurses wearing a white coat out of the complex.。