“When are you still talking about this?”Lin Mo complained,“Hurry up if you want to shoot!”

“okay,Please follow the orders of my wife!”Lin Ke didn’t forget to molest Lin Mo when he left。
“Go! Go! Go!”Lin Mo pushed him in disgust。
Lin Ke smiled,Turn around and take a step,Put the palm of your right hand on the ground。
In an instant, countless black shadows spread from his palm,The gunfire on the court was immediately reduced by more than half。The soldiers with live ammunition looked shocked at the black shadow wrapped around their feet,I want to shoot but I am afraid of hurting myself,Until the shadow spread all over his body,Tied up those soldiers like zongzi。
“Yo,The ace in the action department?”A petite girl appeared out of thin air,Dozens of uncheckable silk threads burst at Lin Ke at the same time。
“Your opponent is me!”Obviously, the director-level cadres are not idle,Paul fell from the sky,Dozens of fireballs went straight to Meng Jie and the army behind him。
Meng Hanyue didn’t panic,Gently shake the tough white silk and quickly cut the fireball into thin slices like a watermelon,And calmly avoided the remnants of the fireball。
“I say Paul,All of you at the director level30How old are you,They all retreat to the second line and still fight like this?”Meng Hanyue turned and shot dozens of silk threads again,Compared with Meng Hanyue’s untouched leaf,Paul had to retreat and burn with the fire,It took a while to melt the white silk,Coping very embarrassed。
Meng Hanyue is right,These directors were brave in those daysAlevelSMonster,But most of them have been hit hard,Otherwise, the upper ranks of the Holy Spirit Society will not let them be a leading role who generally does not participate in battle.。
“Pay attention to your back next time you talk big!”Li Rongduo suddenly appeared,Directly cut off Tang Xueqing’s sand blade。
Tang Xueqing looked ugly and stepped aside,On her left shoulder there was a dazzling mass that was particularly eye-catching。
“All right?”Paul glanced at her。
“Nothing,Crystallization only,Good cure。But the kid’s ability really restrains me。”
“What’s up,What kind of wind does Lin Yichen smoke??”Paul looked around and frowned。
Just finished,Dozens of silk threads came again。Fortunately, the two reacted quickly,Hurriedly avoided Meng Hanyue’s attack。
“You should take care of your newcomer first,It seems a bit difficult to catch you all,But it should be enough to hold you guys for a while,After all, we are here today only for one person。”Meng Hanyue said with a smile。
chapter eight secret
“It also depends on whether you have the ability!”Lin Mo snorted angrily at the back,Jade hand wave,The chill spread instantly,Not only freezes Meng Jie’s silk thread,Even the army behind him was frozen a lot。