Sasuke nodded。

Obviously in the two team missions,Peripheral patrols are more difficult,After all, personal protection can stay in a warm room, isn’t it。
Shuyou glanced at Zuo Liangna,Speak first“We choose perimeter patrol。”
The jar merchant said emotionally。
Zolena blushed too,Just now, the action of the mouse by looking at him secretly didn’t escape Zorina’s eyes。
Sasuke also nodded,Honestly,He is ready to patrol outside with Zoranna and get cold。
“Really,You took too much care of Zoliang, right?。”Since starting the mission,The jar merchant has been following Ratyou,“Speaking of,Zoryana is Sasuke’s daughter after all。”
“What do you mean?”
Uchiha Itachi feels something wrong instinctively,Stopping the pace of advance, looking back at the jar businessman behind him。
Jar businessman squinted,Speak slowly“As an uncle, I take care of my niece,Isn’t it。”
Although the jar merchant didn’t say clearly,But it’s obvious,The jar merchant already knows the identity of the mouse。
The kaleidoscope of the mouse is revealed,The merchant stared at the jar in front of him and said“How did you know?”
“Deputy Director of SHIELD,The undercover agent arranged by our Hydra。”