Liu Dong frowned:“You didn’t arrange?”
“Is not,Uncle。”
Huang Zhixuan said quickly:“I arranged,But Ban Lu didn’t know what happened,He did not accept any endorsements from advertisers,Even if we want to arrange the wine bureau, we can’t arrange it……”
Liu Dong scolded。
The original situation,Waiting for Luban and Gu Qiao’s love to heat up,Now finally waited。
Just make Lu Ban a game at the wine bureau,Had a scandal。
Lu Ban will smell,As a LubanCP,Gu Qiao’s reputation will naturally plummet。
How can Luo Yu’s public relations ability be stronger??
Whether it is falseCPDeceive fans。
It’s still news about dating a scumbag。
Gu Qiao will never recover,Even if Gu Qiao wants to get up again like Lin Haitang,Don’t experience Lin Haitang’s kind of swordsmanship,Is impossible。
Moreover,There are a few Lin Haitang in the entertainment circle?
unfortunately,Messed up by this stupid nephew,If you don’t catch the heat,I don’t know when to wait next time。