I saw the village at this time,A layer of haze,Permeated the fields and small villages,Ethereal and gentle。Country road,It’s all the people returning home,Whether it is an agricultural vehicle、motorcycle、Still bicycle,All approaching a destination——That’s going home。Even the southward geese array slowed down and flew low,Looking for camp tonight。

It’s just the natural landscape that has touched countless wanderers and literati——Cooking smoke,Apparently has disappeared in modern rural life,But at this time Xia Jihan is still imagining that curvy Tingting、The flying smoke rises,Because it always brings people unlimited home desire and warm feeling。Maybe as the times advance,Something is going to leave us,Like cooking smoke,Such as those hundred springs gushing,Such as the lotus pond where fish and shrimp play,Even the village in front of me……
“I saw spring green,Nachi autumn leaves yellow。Cicada sound,Cold goose。”Spring hair、Xia Rong、autumn harvest、Fuyuzura,Suddenly throughout the year,So short!In the fields of late autumn,Already had some chill,A gust of wind,She shuddered。
suddenly,She misses home、Miss mom and dad……
Only this slight shudder,Guan Hao caught him,He said to Li Jun:“Let’s go back,Look at what Lin’s wife is delicious。”
Lin Sao,It’s the landlord of Guan Hao’s visit to the village,If there is no official business in the city,He usually comes here for the night,There have been several party member meetings and villagers’ representative meetings,Are held at night,The people are also used to this special villager,Often come to him to answer questions。So the creation of this village is particularly smooth,The people especially support and cooperate,And put forward many reasonable suggestions for the long-term planning of the village。
Along a clean, typical northern rural alley,They turned into a typical farmhouse with a blue brick carved gatehouse,Just walked into the courtyard gate,A tempting scent hits your face。
Li Jun said cheerfully:“Sister Lin braised small fish for you again。”
Guan Hao opened his brows and smiled:“There must be cakes or pancakes。”
He looked back at Xia Jihan and said:“Today I’m going to wrong the two reporters and I’m thinking about sweet things together,This is an authentic crop meal。”
Xia Jihan smelled that rich、Mellow fish stew fragrance,I can’t help pursing my lips,She likes authentic farm food the most,Especially the northern farm food,Fragrant,Make all the flavors to the extreme。
When Guan Hao turned around to speak,Seeing Xia Ji’s greedy lips,The alluring little mouth sips playfully,And activated his appetite after slumbering for many days,His heart is hot,Busy turning his head,Dare not look at her again。
Forgot who said such a sentence,Once there is ambiguity between men and women,Like dust in the sun,Can’t hide。
Guan Hao’s gaffe just now,Maybe others will not notice,But Xia Jihan saw it completely,Her face turned red unnaturally,Rapid heartbeat,She had to slow down,Walk behind,Concealing panic,Deliberately look around,Don’t say,This diversion,Really effective,Because she was attracted by this small courtyard。
Because the rice garden is in the hinterland of Daoxiang,The homestead of each house is not big,It’s the same with Lin’s wife,Although the courtyard is small,But organized by the owner,Cleaned up。Three North Rooms,Two furnished rooms for east and west,In the middle patio is a huge grape trellis,The entire yard is again separated by a half-person high tile waist wall,The platform on the waist wall is full of various potted flowers and plants,There is an open space outside the waist wall,Creeper、Climbing plants,There is a thick weeping willow beside the courtyard gate facing the street,Canopy,This is a unique residential structure in northern my country。The foundations of the three houses are all made of white stones that are not afraid of alkali corrosion,Plastering joint,The top is the blue brick to the top,Wooden structure herringbone top。This triad courtyard is quite old at first glance,It will take seven or eighty years,There are signs of re-reinforcement in many places,Because nowadays, building houses in rural areas no longer use stones to build foundations,First, the groundwater drops,Drought and less rain,Secondly, the current red bricks are machine-fired bricks,Not afraid of alkali corrosion,The roofs are also replaced with prefabricated cement boards,Rainproof and anticorrosive,No need to repair the roof every year。
Li Jun saw Xia Jihan’s interest in Lin’s yard,In the past:“Reporter Xia has research on folk houses?”
First55chapter Farmhouse Braised Small Fish
Xia Jihan said embarrassedly:“No research,Just like this style,My philatelic stamps include the folk house series,There is a difference between the northern houses and the southern ones,I finally saw the real thing today,And is a typical physical object。”