“No no no,That won’t work!Xiaoxue’s condolences come from Xiaoxue,Your condolences are yours,The two of you can’t be confused。”

Qin Liang won’t be fooled by Liu Xiaoyun,He said seriously。“Brother-in-law,Can you not be so greedy?Xiaoxue, such a charming little beauty, condolences you,Are you still not satisfied?It’s ok。”
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Chapter Two Seventy Eight Learn kung fu
? Liu Xiaoyun said lightly。
“Why only let Xiaoxue comfort me?You are also a beautiful little beauty,Why can’t you condole me?This is too unfair to Xiaoxue, right??”
Qin Liang said deliberately。
“There are many things in this world that are inherently unfair。”
Liu Xiaoyun talks about him,I want to change the subject again……
“and so,Make everything in this world fair,This is exactly what we dragon soul fighters are trying to do。”
Qin Liang sealed his words unceremoniously。
“The topic is a bit far away, right?”
Liu Xiaoyun said calmly。
“Not far,Within a reasonable range。”