Ding Yi’s face flushed awkwardly,She jumped down,Took the towel she threw aside just now,Wrap,Going to the bathroom。

Jiang Fan is quick and fast,Caught her in a hand,Press her down again,Said:“Not allowed to go now!”
Ding Yi looked at him blankly。
Looking at her pitiful expression,Jiang Fan knew it scared her,I also know that I have complicated her,Just a little guilty,Said:“You lie down,I come。”
Jiang Fan said,To the bathroom quickly,Soak the towel with warm water,Back quickly,He just about to scrub her,Ding Yi snatched the towel。
Jiang Fan looked at her,Suddenly saw something red,His heart is shocked,Secretly blame myself,Okay,Ding Yi didn’t find out,He grabbed the towel in a hurry,Ran back to the bathroom,Turn on the tap,quickly,The evidence disappeared。He just walked out with confidence。
After Jiang Fan wiped,Said:“Don’t move for half an hour。”
Ding Yi suddenly understood his true intention of not allowing himself to move,Very disappointed,I was moved in vain just now。She wanted to stand up,Don’t listen to him,Persevere,She is so tired,Same as collapse,The previous fight with Jiang Fan consumed all her energy,So that he succeeded again and again。
Thought of this,She turned angrily,Ignore him。
Jiang Fan knew she was even more angry this time,After knowing Ding Yi for so long,This is probably his most rude,He hopes to mark her this time!mark,He remembered what Peng Changyi said,I won’t lose my things,I don’t want other people’s things。He often ponders Peng Changyi’s words,The more he pondered, the more he felt that he was talking to him,Seems to be a hint。
On the one hand, his beloved wife,On the one hand is his own deadly brothers,Think they ever kissed like that,then,I got it from others……at this point,Jiang Fan is really hard to let go,He is trying to suppress these,Don’t think about it,Don’t think deeply,If deliberately think,Then he and Ding Yi will really come to an end。
and so,The way he convinces himself now is not to think about it,What he strives to do is not to lose his own things,He can’t lose her anyway,at this point,He is unwavering!