Experts teach you to get out of 4 misunderstandings of orthopedic health

Experts teach you to get out of 4 misunderstandings of orthopedic health

There are various misunderstandings in our daily understanding. Whether our usual understanding is correct or not, Director Lin Xuanhong of the Hospital Rehabilitation Center reminds readers: Some misunderstandings must be corrected in time to avoid causing size damage.


hzh{display:none;}  ■长时间使用电脑,颈椎容易出问题  目前电脑与网络普及,许多青少年学子无论搜寻资料、写报告、聊天、甚至玩游戏,都长时间地使用电脑,一方面长时间Excessive burden and pressure on the lumbar spine caused by the sitting posture can easily cause back pain and backache. On the other hand, due to incorrect posture, various problems of the cervical spine, and chronic complications of the myofascia of the neck and shoulders and even the upper limbs cause headaches and dizziness.Neck stiffness and soreness.

  Compared with standing position, sitting position has more pressure on the spine, so it is recommended not to sit for more than 1 hour.

In addition, the incorrect sitting position is often a forward leaning position, which will cause too much burden on the cervical spine, causing problems including cervical intervertebral discs, facet joints, intervertebral foramen, etc., and in soft tissue, it is easy to cause occipitalTight muscles, strain or contraction of tendons, inflammation of the myofascia of the shoulders and upper limbs, etc.

It is becoming easier and easier to see X-rays taken by adolescents clinically. Degenerative deformities have already appeared early. Regardless of this, parents should pay special attention to the seriousness of the problem.

  ■ Sprained toes should be iced first. During the summer vacation, children’s outdoor activities have increased. Playing, swimming, outings, mountain climbing, toes are vulnerable. How to deal with it properly?

Sprained feet should be iced immediately. The ice time is 10?
15 minutes, ice interval 1?
2 hours, and the injured leg should be elevated to avoid swelling.

If you apply a hot compress immediately after the injury, the swelling will worsen!

After 72 hours of icing, change the hot compress according to the condition.

Improper rubbing with ointment can easily cause secondary damage.

  After a toe sprain, you should go to a professional hospital to check whether there are fractures, ligament damage, or joint dislocation. Conservative treatment can be fixed, plus rehabilitation treatment, including instrumental ultrasound and electrotherapy., As well as strength training and proprioceptive training, can not only really heal, but also prevent repeated injuries in the future.

  ■ The neck and shoulders are sore and quick to turn your head and turn your neck. The cervical spine is relatively small in the vertebral body, but its mobility is the largest, so it is easy to be injured due to improper movements.

Such rapid circle movements are likely to cause muscle or ligament strain due to excessive movement, or protrusion of the intervertebral disc, and because of excessive pressure on the cervical vertebral body, bone hyperplasia is formed, which is commonly known asSpurs.

  The correct resolution of the activity is the lowest. It should be slowed down and follow the direction of each activity to achieve full activity. It can stay at the terminal angle for 6 to 10 seconds and then return to the original position.

The muscle contraction should be appropriate strength according to the direction of the muscle. It should not be too large or oscillate back and forth at the terminal angle, so as not to strain the body but not to achieve the effect of fitness.

  ■ 100-day rest for injured muscles and bones is not absolute. People generally think that they need to rest for 100 days after injured muscles and bones, and then they can recover.

This statement reflects from one side that rehabilitation after a fracture or ligament injury requires an alternative process.

There are actually many misunderstandings about this statement.

The healing time after fracture and ligament injury varies greatly depending on the site, the degree of injury, and the treatment method.

In some cases, new treatment interventions are needed during the healing process, otherwise it will be difficult to recover even after long waiting time injuries.

  In the process of repairing fractures and ligaments, you should receive rehabilitation training according to the specific situation. Active and effective rehabilitation training can promote the healing process. Otherwise, waiting for 100 days before moving will bring many complications.

Patients with acute orthopedics should immediately intervene in standardized rehabilitation treatment and training guidance, because gradual fixation and bed rest can easily cause muscle atrophy and joint stiffness, and even reduce cardiopulmonary function. Therefore, all stages of rehabilitation should be givenAppropriate rehabilitation exercises and treatments may include strength training, joint mobility training, proprioceptive training, gait training, etc., as well as various instrumental treatments to eliminate swelling and pain.