The first thousand four hundred forty-four chapters Qin Su Ya’s pseudonym

“No small scorpion,But just too lazy to pay attention to him.。”
“okay,I also help you meet people.,You have also hurry to live.,After all, this is equal to your home.。”
Say,Zheng Tiancheng took the shoulders of Li Hui to go in.。
After entering,He did not eat with Li Hui’s roar.。
What banquet is naturally understood tonight?,This is equal to the private banquet of Li Hui Feng,He participated in,Some are not very good。
The most important thing is a bunch of children,He is too lazy to participate。
Although there are several children, he recognizes who is home.,But more than others,That is also underground。
Li Hui returned to the lobby laughing:“Thank you for your leadership,Every teacher,His classmates come here”After all, eat people’s mouth short,At this time, Li Hui Feng said that it is not good.,Below or applause。
“Row,I also don’t have a waste.,Go directly to the food,Wine,Regardless of male classmates or female students,I don’t recommend drinking alcohol.,But you can drink less。”
Finish,Li Hui Feng directly started。
Li Hui Feng accompany the old principal and a table。
After three patrols,Li Hui Feng began to drink alcohol with classmates in the class.。
When I came to Zhao Bingru,Li Hui has stopped。
“Iceriore,This elder teacher respects you,I hope I will answer me a question.,I don’t know if I can?”
Looking at Li Hui, there is some drunken look。
Zhao Bingru’s willow frowned。
She didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng actually would like to ask her question.,I didn’t think so that a master can drink.。
“Can,The teacher has a problem now asking,I can answer。”
“Do not,Give away,Drinking the wine and I am going to the door.。”
Say,Li speaks with the wind,He originally wants to use a lot of counseling to make Zhao Bingru。
But I thought about it.,It’s better to go straight.。
And he observed that Zhao Bingru is definitely not as simple as the surface.。
The heart is deep,This girl wants to tell him the truth.,How is he never played again?。
Zhao Bingru saw that Li Hui is so good.,I also followed it.。
But she quickly pushed it out.。
Follow Li with the wind to the door,Looking at the city’s light red wine。
Zhao Bingru, some don’t understand what is sold with the wind.。
“Teacher Li,What if you want to ask, now ask now.,As long as I know,I think I should tell you.。”
“hehe,Find a classmate,I have to think about it when I answer this question.,And some words don’t say too much,After all, it’s too full of people who feel that it is lie.,boast。”
“I know!But I believe that Mr. Li will not think so.。”
Zhao Bingru’s words made Li Hui Feng fell.。
Then Li Hui is laughing with the wind.。