“Although it is said,But since this,Then this matter,Let’s make a break.。”

“This is nature,if not,Let’s everyone,What are you waiting for??”
Before the eyes,These Dengjia’s Guard,I haven’t forgotten。
Subsequent,The speed of these people begins to speed up,They want to take this time,Take this to this。
but,It looks at Tang.,In fact, he is all about this.,Not so worried。
“Have a long time,It’s nothing more than just a matter.。”
“But now,In fact, all this,It’s too far away.。”
With the attention of Tang Lian’s conscious look at the eye,The more now,Tang Jian’s face,It’s even a smile with a hint of taste.。
And with Tang Lian’s eyes,At this moment,Tang Jian itself,It doesn’t feel that,Everything is very worried about it.。
“Even so,But now,You are not enough.。”
Tang Ming said,Side speed,Quick up,Directly reversed one of the necks of Deng Jia guard。
After these,Tang Nian and shadow troops around,Get more enthusiastic。
Even now,They own,It’s even more jumper.。
but,Former,Deng Long became this scene,At this point he just thinks,My heart,A flame,Turpful。
http://www.minghaorun.cn “hateful,Damn born,You actually kill the people of Deng Jia.!”
Deng Longcheng roared here,The more you say, the more you feel excited.。
On the side of Deng Longcheng,Other Deng Jia’s guards,It is also a way you want to try.。
After all, now,Such a thing,What kind of way is going to solve it?。
In fact, their hearts,What’s more, the more you feel very much.。
Tang Nian,Founded in front of him,The more you look, the more you feel very ridiculous.。
“Ha ha,These guys,It’s really too self-righteous.。”
“But,It is strange,Why always feel,Our combat power,There are many increments.。”
When Tang Jing said out of his eyes,This is letting them,The more you look, the more you feel unexpected。
Before,If Tang Nian does not say,So they all,There is no such feeling。
but now,With the http://www.sagalove.cn Tang Ming。
In fact, they are here.,It has already been completely experienced.。
Do not say anything else,Light is now,The more like this,In fact, treat this,What should I do?。
Itself,This is actually,It is better than what they imagined.,Also tricky。
At this time,Shadow troops,It’s here.。
“Even so,But now,In fact, I feel that I feel,Now,There is nothing bad。”
“Yes,makes sense,all in all,Let’s now,Still firmly grasp this opportunity to。”
“Since everyone is already watching,So next,I feel,Let’s everyone,Should be exported。”
Before the eyes,After the people of these shadow troops,They will arrive in front of their eyes。
After all, I will follow it.,First solve the people who lost Deng Jia,Is the key to the whole thing。
Treat these,At this time, Tang Zhou is quite confident.。
“Ha ha,Don’t need a love battle,Just put this Dun Long into resolve it.。”