Wang Yufei does not think that in the early stages of quantum computer development,Someone can understand this quantum family management model directly written into the hardware logic。Finally, I can only choose to eat this dumb loss。

Ok,It’s really not that Wang Yufei wants to take advantage of the other side。
But who asked Wang Yufei to mention Xiaozhi’s design philosophy to Lu Yuxin?,Lu Yuxin proposed such a plan for him?
Even now the cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences is a step in the plan。
Only this cooperation is confirmed,In the future, it will be more logical to cooperate with companies in Western countries.。
But this kind of thing Wang Yufei obviously will not take the initiative to ask for cooperation,We still need to wait for more people to take the initiative to find them。
Love·Dracula’s mood is still very happy。
No other reason。
Under his promotion,Although the middle process is not very pleasant,But the alliance still contributed。
Of course this is just the first step,This alliance will expand further。
Not only these companies in the US,It is also preparing to incorporate some of the strong technologically powerful companies from the traditional ally of the European Union into the alliance。
One is to share the risk,The establishment of the alliance also requires investment。
No capital investment,It’s too hard to convince those companies。
Allied companies want to acquire their technology,Pay a certain membership fee to keep the alliance running,Of course, the technology of the allies may also help the current research。
Although the pressure is still great,But at least he has worked hard,And the result is pretty good。