His eyes are always so deep,People say peach blossom eyes,But this pair of eyes,As long as a look,Can make people indulge,Faint breeze,His Guanghua,Soul。

Feel her eyes,Lu Wei Jun Micro,Smile:“Xixi,do I look good?”
Yue Lingxi,When he is so unfair,,Peaceful to http://www.mychalk.cn work。
Yue Lingxi honest answer,“nice,But you said the appointment,Is it planned to take a day here??”He seems a bit lack of romantic cells。
Lu Wei is put on the table.,He is actually not very romantic。
He worked at home when he was resting at the weekend.,It’s rare like this weekend.。
Lu Hao wants to think about the romantic things that he is searching in the mother.,Nothing is a movie,What is girlfriend?。
Another thing to say when Han Yuxuan left.,Men want to know romance。
To say, knowing romance,Han Yuxuan is a very romantic person.,The couple of husbands have a lot of taste.。
He looked at Yue Lingxi,Voice line is very low:“Well to watch the movie for a while,Do you want to see??”
Yue Lingxi smiled,Say:“Don’t want to watch movies,Not all dating is a constant,Our dating can do what we like。”
http://www.lyrczp.cn Lu Weijun asked:“whats the matter?”
He doesn’t really like many places.,There is also a cinema at home.,But I don’t know Yue Lingxi, I don’t like it.?
NS2392chapter Watching a movie is pitted by the big lady.
NS2392chapter:See a movie,Be pitted by the big nephew
Yue Lingxi thought,Say:“We can go for a walk,Can go climb,I don’t like shopping.,I will go out when I get a wind.,Very tired shopping,Many things I will buy online。”
“Or you can do at home,As long as we do what is interesting together,Also appointment。”
Lu Weijun listened,There is nothing wrong with this,But she just now“Do we have to take a day here?”Let him skeerately suspect that she just said.。
It is also considered at the date,He occasionally look at the scenery this way.。
Lu Wei wants to say:“It’s better to go to the movie.,Xixi,I http://www.xiongjundg.cn have never had a girl to accompany me to see a movie.。”He just changed the equipment in the home theater,Haven’t experienced it yet。
Yue Lingxi is very true:“I have never had a boy to accompany me to see a movie.。”
This is undoubtedly pleasing to Yue Lu Jun.,“my pleasure,I have become your first man who comes with you.,”He gets up,Take with her,Say:“Since all our two people like,Then go to the movie。”
Han Yuxuan said in the morning,Watching a movie is the best to increase the relationship between the two,In the morning he recommended two movies,Just look。
Yue Lingxi smiled,Not talking,Go to the movie with him。
In fact, she can see it.,Lu Weijun doesn’t like to have more people,Last time I went to her home.,Because I don’t know,He is very uncomfortable。
The two arrived in the movie theater behind the villa.,Home theater is not big,Twenty massage chair,Elegant luxury,Front is a group of spacious sofas,Can lying down。
Ha ha……
Yue Lingxi is a long history.,Watch a movie and massage,This is much more?
More importantly, the whole space is very comfortable.,Elegant and natural。
Lu Weijun held the Yue Lingxi,I am sitting by her.:“Xixi,This is the silencers and sofa I have studied.,Now is promoting,You can experience it in advance。”
The home cinema contains huge business opportunities,No matter which industry’s new technology is a very important beginning,His preparation is the latest technology,Whether it is a seat or a sound audio device,They are all the results of his latest research.。
“Wow!”Yue Lingxi is really amazed by his talents.。
“Lu Weijun,you are awesome!no,My future husband is awesome!”Excitement,Some words have not been able to think about the brain.。
This is also the case when chatting abroad and classmates。
After talking about a few words in the future,Yue Lingxi face red。
Lu Weijun looked deeply.,Sexy Yinhong’s lips want to kiss her one-in-one red lips。
This death is attractive,He finally realized。
Lu Weijun is difficult to remove,Introduce the road:“This home cinema equipment is the latest design,Xixi you first experience,Full screen speech control,Just motion,Can see the movie you want to watch,Colors and HD are also unique 。”